The Sugaring Experience

Barenaked’s body treatments has never been this sweet! Experience the delights of aromatic Scrubs and the wonders of Sugaring hair removal done by polite, mindful and well-trained professionals of Barenaked!

First Visit:
By invitation from the cool Tita Joanne she asked me to see, visit and try a salon at Marcos Highway — a body sugaring salon — called Barenaked. There by the reception area were friendly folks and the lovely owners of the sugaring salon who introduced to me the wonders and benefits of Sugaring. According to their website, Sugaring is:

Using 100% natural sugar paste to remove hair in the direction of its growth. It is less painful and does less breakage and can remove hairs as short as 1/16″. Sugaring assists in diminishing of ingrowns, never burns skin and exfoliates dead skin cells.

There are currently ten Barenaked Sugaring Salon across the country. The lovely folks here at Marcos Highway retell me the process of choosing attendants among many applicants trying to be part of Barenaked: from among the ten, only one or two who qualified after weeks and months of trainings. That was how strict Barenaked was with their staff. I had yet to experience the quality of their services… in a little while, that was.

Their specialties do not stop at body sugaring — they also do body scrubs treatments. From whitening, slimming to moisturizing, Barenaked offers a small roster of options for both the ladies and the gentlemen.

I had meant to choose a body scrub treatment until I decided to have a go with a hair removal service (not without Tita Lulu and Tita Jaja’s encouragement). Gosh, was I in for a new experience!

As told by a First Timer:
Barenaked’s interior of Asian touches of bamboos and ferns, wooden flooring with white stone accents while playing soft, zen-like music had me feeling relaxed and ready (albeit nervous still!). There were four private rooms for each client’s use. A fully-furnished bathroom and comfort room. All spot-on and clean. Changing clothes and keeping important stuff was not a problem: each rooms have its own cupboard with lock and key.

The session started with a nice body scrub — Coffee Body Scrub (but fiiirstly, a quick body bath as it was imperative to do so before the scrubbing). I was kindly tended by Miss Jane who was good at what she did: the massages, the kneading — it was really good and relaxing! I almost almost fell asleep! *laughs*

From Barenaked’s website: About Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee makes you look and feel slimmer, and younger and can even give You that loving feeling.This natural body scrub is tough on wrinkle and cellulite. Coffee body scrubs reduce the puckering of cellulite, and tighten skin cells and blood vessels, resulting in a tighter, slimmer look.In addition to being a natural sun-block, coffee body scrubs lessen the appearance of age spots and soothe irritated skin.

After the scrubbing was another trip to the showers to prepare for moisturizing — my favorite part. Pure honey was generously used for another round of massaging and pampering. As told from various resources, the wonderful benefits of Honey are found here and here!

…and thereafter I was wrapped with clear pastic for a good 15-20 minutes as to make the honey sit on the skin well. Aaaand I truly fell asleep here. *laaaaughs* The hum of the music was inviting I didn’t know of my short nap until Miss Jane knocked to guide me for another quick shower. Ahahaha~

Sugaring was the next task. I thought Barenaked meant a tub of “sugar-based” spread to be used for the hair removal and I was surprised to see a clear pastey and sticky, made-of-sugar adhesive material. No strips, no threads, no spreads — just palm-sized clear mold-able substance for the entire almost-an-hour Brazilian session.

As stated from Barenaked’s official website in regards with their Sugars:

Our Sugarers never re-use the sugar paste and always wear gloves. Sugar paste is always discarded after each client is treated. Another great benefit to using Sugar Paste is that bacteria does not breed in high concentrates of sugar eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. No double dipping ever happens. The sugar that is used is for you and you only.

The big question my friends and family asked me when I got home after all the sugaring adventure: Did it hurt?

Of course it did! *laughs* I don’t think we could get away from any painless hair removing experience (except for shaving, that is) but the pain I experienced during that time was shortwhile. Gone and went. I had expected to be incapacitated after the visit but I wasn’t. I even walked a long distance from the salon place to SM without much a hitch.

Though I was told that my second visit and session for sugaring shouldn’t be as painful as the first one… and that I’m looking forward to it, yes.

Sooo I’m definitely coming back to visit Barenaked and have at their scrubbing and sugaring again! I was treated with care and the staff of Marcos Highway were really welcoming and nice. This delightful place and service had made me step out of my comfort zone and try new things even though it gave me the shy-jitters.

For a good month I’ll be enjoying my smoothened body! *laughs*

If you’re a First Timer like myself and want to be reassured privacy while enjoying a good body pampering, go, visit and experience Barenaked and have a sweet treat!

Thank you again for having me, Tita Lulu and Tita Jaja! And thank you again to Tita Joanne for this opportunity to cover Barenaked!


Barenaked, Body Sugaring Salon
Address: 2nd Flr. FMC Bldg.
Marcos Highway (Across of AMA, above 7-Eleven)
Tel No.: 212-1797
Operating Hours: 11AM – 9PM


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