The Cupcake Haven!

Marikina City has another cafe place that will delight your taste with sweet designs and sweet tooth: have your delectable fix at Cupcake Bites Cafe!

With the emerging of unique and different restaurants in SSS Village a good round of desserts has a place for every food-trippers’ stomachs. What better way to enjoy your snacks with cupcakes and hot/cold blends at Cupcake Bites Cafe! Now baking freshly-made cakes, cookies and cupcakes of various flavors and combinations along the very accessible, popular and food-galore street of Lilac! (*^◇^)_旦

I love cupcakes. I really do! So when my buddies and I decided to have a little food adventure I was glad to have a chance upon visiting and tasting this newly opened cafe with them. Inside Cupcake Bites Cafe were posh pink couches, a small display of their cupcakes, typhography prints of cupcake-loving remarks and lots more cupcake knick-knacks as designs. Pinks and pastel colors  of the store’s interior added more of the “sweet” theme — to which I fancied lots. My princess Meia even pointed out their lights were strainers redesigned and thought immediately how creative and cool they were.

And yes, the cafe place has WIFI.

Them lovely cupcakes (with a price range of 60+PHP to 70+PHP) are of really interesting flavors. We got ourselves those Reese’s and Banana ones and a tart of S’mores — all cutely served in our own cupcake stand and our cold blends in jars. I haven’t had a good S’mores since forever and this at Cupcake Bites Cafe was just spot-on — exactly the right amount of sweetness with crunchy bits. I could actually have more of these, really. My princess Che’s Banana flavored one was really good too.

We also had a side of pasta and sandwiches (they have more than pastries, folks!) but I’d rather focus on their specialty. *laughs*

I was especially in pink and white today to commemorate the first cupcake visit! *boing boing!*

This place is really adorable and cute and I hope it gets a lot of sweet-loving from various visitors who fancy the pink side of snacks and homemade pastries. Sooooo if you and your pals found yourselves cruising along Marikina City’s Lilac Street, come stop by at Cupcake Bites Cafe and tell us your cafe experience!

Cupcake Bites Cafe
Address: 73 Bennt II, Lilac St. SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Telephone: (02) 624 8893
Facebook Page: Cupcake Bites Cafe


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