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DSS x Groove Bunny Collab-Vid

When DSS goes international with its first collaboration! I had meant to share this as soon as I confirmed that the package I shipped have arrived to its model — and it did! o(≧∇≦o)

It is DSS’ first time to send anything to the US and I’m very happy to be joined with Groove Bunny who’ll be making her own post and review about Dark~Sweet~Soul accessories. All these were made possible by the sweet, understanding and patient Abby — allowing me to take reigns with the design, the non-pressuring time frame and her encouragement with me going all out worldwide. Thank you, thank you!

I was also given good shipping/sending advices by fellow artisan Jakilyn, the lovely owner of Three Smitten Kittens, Polymer Clay Cosplay Accessories. Without her remarks and infos I probably would remain stuck in a rut, feeling overwhelmed with worldwide shipping. *sweatdrops* Buuuuuut not anymore, surely!

If you are interested to know more about what Abby does and her own trotting quests, do visit, discover aaand follow her at:

Groove Bunny, Abby S.

I’m very excited to see how this all would turn out! And I’ll be very much looking forward to more collaborations too — I’m already planning a new one with my DSS Muse and hopefully reach a bigger, wider market.

EDITED 2014 – 09 – 07:
Groovebunny: LOLITA//Dark Sweet~Soul Review

I’m also still in the middle of my video-editing practice and tinkerin’ and thought of a good chance to make this as a, uh, promotional video of sorts. Sortaaa, yeah. Premiere Pro challenges my creative head but I’ve yet to actually fully utilize its full capacity. Gutta study more, yes. ╭ (oㅇ‿ o#)ᕗ


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