Personal Trots

Made Trap?


“So I heard the VP liked the girl who served him last week.”

“Well, no more of it for him then. The Festival is over and I’m not wearing another maid costume again. Tight dress… lipgloss… ugh.”

“Uh. About that… he’s not after the maid. He’s after YOU, man.”




This one was a quick idea of a BL-genre scenario in which this too-playful, skirt-chasing blonde guy loses a bet to wear a I’m-too-manly-for-this-shit maid’s uniform for their school activity. And the Council’s few-with-words-and-unpredictable Vice President has taken a liking to him.

Blonde guy’s too uncute, brash behavior during his Maid Service Hour has smitten the VP with reasons beyond the understanding of the other students and his own circle of friends . And then we have a recipe of disastrous pursuit and sizzling tension between a closet-Otaku (the glasses he is wearing is a cover-up to look plain but serious) VP and the happen-to-be-a-French-Maid-and-Simpleton Junior.

A trap? Why, yes it is! Figuratively and literally.

Another cosplay make-up trial and trying my hand at wig-styling. I’m still not good with the latter. m(_ _;;m

I had really REEEALLY wanted to do a trial for another character (from CLAMP) but I’m still missing a lot for the project (uniform, props, etc). Hence just another OC approach at my favorite library place again.

Well. At least that was what I wanted the story to be like. Just another typical, short but hilarious BL story. And here I go again with my incessant ramblings of conversations and paragraphs and concepts that I don’t write at all. I should really. Or else I’ll feel the daggers of my buddies’ glare and head-shaking for my laziness in writing. Erk.

So while I was putting on my make-up and being my own Commentator inside my head I thought perhaps it’d be an okay idea to make a Crossplay Makeup Tutorial. That is, well, if you guys are interested with how I do it (but I’m no pro! Just… very studious). More and more I enjoy the whole make-up thing — especially the Gyaru and Japanese eye make-up-inspired ones and Crossdressing. I’m having so much fun learning, practicing and doing these two. *laughs* I still have a lot to know though.

And, whaddayaknow, A PRETTY PHOTO WITH MY BABBBBY. Hiro was butting in, probably wanted to join and get taken. Silly runt!


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