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DSS & M’Lady Double Updates!

In case you guys haven’t caught wind on the news yet, here are the lineups that I have with Dark~Sweet~Soul and M’Lady!

1. Urban Arts and Craft Fair Attendance


A creative fair for a very important cause! A get-together of independent artisans, owners, craftsmen and designers; do come and attend the upcoming weekend (starting on September) bazaars of unique works and more. Your visit and donations (even the smallest kind!) would be of most help to our brothers and sisters!

You can catch my gothic and punk works and sweet and cute crafts here — my very first visit and selling at Fisher Mall! I’ll be present on the last two weekends of September, booth #10 #11 (edited, yes!). See you there!

Event: Urban Arts and Craft Fair
Date: September 20-21, 2014  (succeeding legs: Oct., Nov., & Dec.)
Venue: Atrium Fisher Mall, Quezon City PH
Time: 10AM – 9PM

2. Cosplay Mania ’14 Attendance


I’ll be joining one of the biggest anime, manga and cosplay event this October 2014! Together with Harajuku in Manila and Serendipity Boutique and fellow artists and illustrators, come see us at our table and you might find something you fancy! From fashion & everyday contact lenses, cosplay wigs, otaku stuff, fanarts and other hobby paraphernalia to DSS’ gothic leather accessories and M’Lady’s sweet bags and kawaii crafts — you’ll be in for unique selections and more! See you at booth E26!

Event: Cosplay Mania 2014
Date: Oct. 4 – 5, 2014
Venue: SMX Convention Center, Pasay City PH
Time: 11AM – 9PM
Ticket: SM Tickets

3. Dark~Sweet~Soul at Storenvy

I’m officially open to the worldwide market! I signed up for Storenvy and tweaked around for more than a week to fix and decorate this place. *laughs* Please do excuse the minimal aesthetics — I’ll be working on it more!

I think I managed to cover all the basic details and stuff buuuut in case I missed out a thing or two, do let me know. For now I’ll only be releasing collars/chokers and most probably thigh garters. As much as I want to go all out with the other accessory types (such as cuffs, headdresses, etc.) I want to focus on what I like most: chokers and garters. Let’s go!

If you wish to read more of my Dark~Sweet~Soul, right over here!

Come follow Dark~Sweet~Soul at Storenvy!

4. New M’Lady Bags and More

2014-08-27_19.06.36 copy 10628398_612895415498671_3237354135428381713_n

Purikura-ed previews just because, well, it’s cute! I’m all psyched up to release these pretty stuff to the market — but not without shooting these properly. I’m just happy to be able to see more of my works come to life. I’ll be even happier when these bags will be of use to fellow princesses too! There’s one more design I’m waiting for… and a few wallets too. Accessories are on-hand and ready and most definitely be available during the weekend fair and the cosplay event on October. Yay!

If you wish to read more of my M’Lady, right over here!


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