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Urban Fair + CosMania 2014 Experience

Two consecutive weekends of sharing, displaying and selling my designs for two polar opposite markets were a roller coaster of emotions — experiences that made me learn more as an indie accessory designer and a merchant! It taught me a lot of things and techniques, of trials and errors and I was glad to go through everything of this despite feeling self-conscious and all the fuzzle-feels of an independent artist. I still have a lot to learn! 。◕‿◕。

As usual I once again dub this year as My First to Everything — my first joining Saturday-Sunday-Morning-to-Evening events on my own! (But of course, not without the utmost support and encouragement from my family and friends! I couldn’t have gone through this all without them! *happy fist shaking* T-thank you very much for being there for me!)

Urban Arts and Craft Fair was a gathering of handicrafters, designers and blooming artisans of various sorts. From home decors, clothes, perfumery, homemade desserts to plushies, toys, accessories, clay art, paper art, crochet dolls and more — a great avenue for buyers/collectors who are into unique stuff that are special and handmade. I did enjoy my stay with the event because being surrounded by co-artists made me feel positive and encouraged of what I do and make. Despite the general lot being unfamiliar towards my own designs, I didn’t falter that much than I expected lol. It only meant that there was a market who don’t know the inspiration behind some designs and creations. And that was okay.

I do wish for this kind of event to flourish even more! So that we would be able to appreciate and embrace self-made works, products and ideas and house Filipino creativity for its  talent, variety, quality and uniqueness. (❀◦‿◦) I totally support this goal!

Cosplay Mania 2014 was just gold to me. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Not only were the visits and cheers of my friends and the new people I met during the event were endearingly sweet but the reception of M’Lady was surprisingly successful! While I am happy with Dark~Sweet~Soul’s own good sales, it was M’Lady and the various folks’ reactions (and patronage) toward it warmed my little heart. I couldn’t thank enough my booth partner – Yumecchi of Harajuki in Manila – who made this all possible for me to experience such a wonderful thing. I’m glad I shared a part of her booth even though I was extremely shy about it at first. I wish to work with her again and also the talented illustrators/artists of booth E26. They were such darlings too!

This time around this market knew of what I do and make – especially with the gothic leather fashion category; it was a total contrast compared with the first weekend I had. I’m just glad I hadn’t lost touch? Made me realize that these are what really makes me happy — designing stuff and being surrounded by (Japanese) hobbies and fashion. I wish to continue on!

Thank you to those who made purchase from my works! Your patronage is most appreciated! ❤

For next year I plan to be even more active and productive, extending products via clothing line and formalizing my brands and trademark so that I could go all out a 100% — whichever that means! *laaaughs* I will do my best!


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