Personal Trots

Urban Fair (Part II)

A beautiful Carborundum from The Rugged Prince’s booth. This amazing rock just literally sparkles starlight and rainbows! I couldn’t believe such a thing exists!
Unique accessories from Fine Alley. I fell in love with their hand-painted Cosmos shirt and I got myself one! There’s something calming about wearing the galaxy on you. Aaah. Love iiit!

Finished another round of engaging talks of handicrafts and hearing amazing stories from striving artisans. It’s always amazing how vast, boundless and limitless Art and Creativity is. It’s even more amazing how all these are made to exist and express too.

Once again I acknowledge and accept that my creations do not jive with the current market of this area.  BUUUUUT to encounter, hear and experience the many reactions and comments towards something “different” from the norm was all good pointers for me. As a designer, merchant and researcher, this event gave me knowledge and the attitude to aim to be even better the next time around.

I’ll still go forth supporting and advocating local craft, arts and designs! And the folks of The Urban Arts and Craft and community of fellow merchants and artists made me feel I’m not the only one who wants to pursue the path of an Artisan. Thank you again for the memories, Urban Fair!

(Especially the many many MANY times I’ve been asked if that was my real hair. *laughs* And the many many MANY times I’ve been asked if I were a foreigner. XDDD )

And for those who made patronage to Dark~Sweet~Soul and M’Lady, thank you too!


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