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The Tabora Stuff Street Snaps

One of my favorite streets in Manila! While it’s a hustle and bustle of buyers and sellers at any given time, it’s always a delight to go here to check out and purchase raw materials and items available for crafty and creative persons like you and me. The weather was accommodating during our visit and I was feeling extra adventurous taking a different route back to Mall 168 and Mall 999 too. But first, let me take a lot of snaps! ((β”Œ|o^β–½^o|β”˜))β™ͺ

The purpose of the shots is to let my readers/viewers have ideas as to what Tabora Street is offering. Like you and me, we have limited time and off days to make a stop over at Divisoria and do the looking and scouting. I would have definitely be a frequent Divisoria-visitor if Manila weren’t so far away from my hometown. *weeps*

Before any inquiries start flying: 1. I didn’t ask price details – neither retail nor wholesale – so I do not know how much is this or that. And 2. I’m not affiliated to any merchant/sellers/stores found at Tabora Street. I’m merely recording these during my own fun and leisure time.


4 thoughts on “The Tabora Stuff Street Snaps

  1. Good day po! For those living in Cavite or nearby area, there is Panaserve Enterprises that sells brand new glass jars and glass bottles and other customize packaging materials at an affordable price minus congestion and traffic. You can check our facebook page: panaserve.packaging. Thank you for the posting po!

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