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DSS: Goin’ Goth & Punk Giveaway! + Winner


Goin’ Goth & Punk! A Dark~Sweet~Soul Christmas thing is here!

Giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the globe! Please read more for further details on how to win these unique stuff!

Giveaway Mechanics: Each indicated steps entitles you a chance to win these unique prizes! The more raffle points you earn, the higher the chances of winning. Optional steps are presented for additional raffle points. Only one winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the raffle draw.

1. Must Like DSS on Facebook or follow DSS on Tumblr.
2. Like and Share this post publicly on your FB Wall tagging @Dark~Sweet~Soul and two of your gothic/punk pals.
3. Leave a comment on the post, saying: I want to win ’em all, @Dark~Sweet~Soul!

And you’re done with 1 raffle point! That easy, eh? Multiple sharing on FB is highly appreciated so DSS will grant +1 raffle point per individual who consistently shares the post.

Optional steps with their corresponding raffle points:

4. Reblogging DSS’ post on Tumblr, with hashtags #DarkSweetSoul, #DSSGiveaway. [+2 raffle points]
5. Tweeting DSS’s FB or Tumblr posts with hashtags #DarkSweetSoul, #DSSGiveaway. [+2 raffle points]
6. Blogging about DSS’ Goin’ Goth & Punk Giveaway at your own respective blog spaces. Please do not forget to comment/share your link with DSS on FB/Tumblr! [+5 raffle points]
7. Sharing Thingiemajingie’s blog post about the Giveaway and leaving a comment (your email address) there so that I will know who I’ll give the raffle points to. [+5 raffle points]

Once the winner is identified, DSS will message the individual in regards with claiming the prizes. Should the winner fail to respond for a week, DSS will make a draw again.

FAQS: Raffle Points equates to the number of times your name is on the list. The more times yours is listed, the higher the chances of getting picked! If Steps 1 to 7 are followed, you are granted a total of 15 raffle points. 15 times your name on the list!

What are the prizes? See them all down below!

Giveaway Duration: 2nd November to December 25, 2014.
Draw Date: 29th December, 9PM (Philippines Time) via

Open to all interested folks — yes, it’s open internationally!

Thank you for joining Goin’ Goth and Punk Giveaway! May you have a spiky holiday!

Dark~Sweet~Soul‘s Goin’ Goth & Punk Christmas Giveaway random pick is Jane Lim! Congratulations! Yay! DSS will message the winner about claiming the prizes. Or the winner can message the page when he/she sees this too.

Should the winner fail to respond for a week, DSS will make a draw again. ^^

Thank you again for participating with DSS’ Christmas giveaway! I’ll look forward seeing you guys here at this gothic and punk leather-crafting space in the coming 2015. – =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧

Your patronages and loyalty are always appreciated!

The prizes:

  • Spiked Leather Collar
  • Gothic Rosary
  • Two Gothic Hairclips

Spiked Leather Collar:

A heavily-decorated choker with large spikes plus O and D rings and removable chains of silver and black. Meticulously handcrafted for gothic and punk wearers with the option to go a simple row of spikes and rings or with dangling chains on the neck area. Very noticeable! Locks are silver snap buttons for easy usage. Length: 16″ adjustable to 14″.

Gothic Rosary x Necklace: Acrylic-material prism black beads put together as a stylish neck accessory and rosary. Functions like one too! Tastefully crafted with a silver gothic cross and rose as the pendant. One size, fits all.

Two Gothic Hair Clips: Leather-based ribbons with snipped spikey ends, attached on silver alligator snaps. One ribbon is with two rows of acrylic prism beads and the other ribbon is peirced with small silver loops on each sides. Adorably gothic! Dimensions: 4 x 2″

Inquiries, clarifications and other general asks are welcomed! Please do let me know if I missed out an important note — I would definitely fix it ASAP!

Thank you in advance. =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧


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