4 Reasons Why Daiso Japan (Saizen) Is Awesome

I’m raising my hand to being a store-lingerer. A window-shopper. A spazzer and quiet-squealer. Bordering to a very loyal patron now. And it’s all because Daiso Japan (also known as Saizen) is delighting my artistic, visual and auditory senses towards my adoration to anything Japanese-related. And what’s even better: Daiso Japan offers so much for a price that even delights my wallet!

There are definitely other more reasons why Saizen rocks, accompanied with proofs and photos to get you started running to the nearest Daiso Japan after reading this.

Tee hee! (●´□`)♡

(oh, oh. A load of photos up ahead!)

Firstly, what can you expect at a Saizen store? Good thing to ask! Well, right below here is just a quick list of things I noted down (and took reference from visiting Robinsons Magnolia’s Daiso Japan branch):

  • cups and mugs
  • lacquer-ware
  • canisters – glass, plastic
  • food storage – microwavable, plastic, glass
  • section cases
  • food keepers – zip locks, foils
  • lunch boxes
  • bins
  • bottles
  • bathroom materials
  • cleaning tools – brooms, dust pans, supplies, agents, tissues, sponges
  • laundry goods
  • storage bags
  • bathroom goods/toiletries
  • kitchen tools – pans, kettles
  • baking goods – molds, cupcake displays, decorations
  • flatware
  • decors – room, office, dining
  • floor mats
  • table covers
  • seat cushions
  • cosmetic products/tools – shadows, blushes, lipsticks, liners, brushes, mirrors
  • nail care – nail art
  • eye makeups – shadows, falsies, glues, tapes
  • oral care
  • fashion accessories – scarfs, socks, gloves, intimate wears, hats
  • rain gears – umbrella, coats
  • shoe care – insoles, boots holder, pads
  • pet supplies – shampoo, toys, treats, bowls, collars, dresses
  • electronic accessories – cables, wires, extensions
  • DIY tools
  • hardware – cars, tool box, drivers, hammers
  • school/office supplies – notebooks, pen holders, pen, crayons, markers, writing materials
  • arts and crafts
  • stationaries
  • desk/file organizers
  • shopping bags/eco bags
  • pouches
  • SANRIO products
  • Japanese seasonings/sauces
  • Japanese easy-to-prepare food, chocolates/chips/biscuits
  • ….and frankly many many more. *laughs*

1. Everything and Anything at 88PHP!
I was once part of no-idea-crowd who chanced upon Daiso Japan way way back then and had to ask and reask if this and that were really just this one special price. Surely anyone who stepped into any of its store of racks and racks of products had to check: 88PHP po talaga ito? And the answer that everyone who frequents Daiso Japan knows: Yes! Everything at 88PHP!

For a while now Daiso Japan introduces other prices that are still notably “8” in digit: they have discounted products that are 68PHP and big, bulky merchandises that are 188PHP or 288PHP. Still, mostly of their items are just that sparkly price of 88PHP. Yay!

Seasonings, Cup Noodles and Sauces!

2. Assorted Goods and Finds — Well-organized Too!
“Nalulula ako sa dami!” — a phrase I said over and over again after becoming a regular Daiso Japan store visitor. No matter how many times I was at the store I’d get so impressed with the many stocked shelves that were taller than me filled with assorted anything . Despite the many products they have and will be having, they are shelved and put together accordingly. You’d think it’s a jumble of products from point A to B but it isn’t. Really, really! Between household and office, for personal-use or as gifts or for people and for your furry-buddies, Daiso Japan has you covered with merchandises that are organized for easy-breezy viewing and searching (with labels too!). You’ll just probably spend a lot more time looking through various variant of the same product though — the store is just generous enough to provide more than just one variant of anything! ❤

Aaaand this is why me and my buddies take an hour (or perhaps more?) to browse through their racks. We tend to get overly distracted from one aisle to another. *laughs* True story, really.

3. From The Land of the Rising Sun – Japan!
Oh, how I love Japan! Their culture, their people, their fashion sense and art are the source of my creative inspiration and pursuit. And through Daiso Japan that I feel like I’m one step closer to their [Japan] way of living — by being able to buy and use their items. Personally it boosts more of my interest towards the neighboring country because of the smart, useful and economical design of their products. So while being here in Manila I can still enjoy the perks and fun of using Japanese products because of Daiso Japan. (then agaaaaain: allow me to go and experience Japan for real please!)

Perhaps it sounds romantic coming from a passionate fan. What can I say? I love Japan!
(´・` )♡

Aaaaaand I hope more stores open up near my place. (Wait, there IS one: at Il Centro, Cainta! Yay!)

4. Irresistibly Cute Presentations
There’s no way for me to miss and not acknowledge how adorably made, packed and displayed the merchandises of Daiso Japan: from cute baking goods of patterns and cosmetics designed for princesses, colored tableware and more — Saizen has made sure its Kawaii Culture extends to the Land of the Pearl Orient. Such visuals are a plus to consumers like myself who are, well, easily swayed with adorable designs and ideas. Who wouldn’t, really. It’s hard enough for me to choose between items among the many displayed at Saizen (I want them all!) and its cute packaging just makes me want to hoard them even more. *laughs*

Oh, for the love of kawaii, indeed.

Bet you wouldn’t hear a bit of the downside from this amazing store? Well, I won’t sugarcoat my own personal experiences with some of their products — while there are yays, there are unfortunate nays. A few Daiso Japan products wouldn’t be a good substitute of the items you can buy from reputable stores and brands that is worth their own price. A personal example of Daiso Japan nay is: eyeshadow (cosmetics). I’m rating them 2/5 for poor pigmentation. There are times of a product hit-and-miss too. While others enjoy the goods, there are those who got the boos. It happens, really. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

Despite that and for overall experience I’m still a huge huge lover of Saizen. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I like their falsies and its many designs. I like their organizers, notebooks and cute writing materials. I like all those pink-colored stuff toiletries. I like their cute baking materials and packing ideas. Them princessy-themes, them pet stuff, them o-bentous…

No words are enough to express how visiting the store brings joy to my fangirl heart. *laughs* And I never get tired to see what they are and what will they be offering next to patrons like myself who are willing to shell out a few 88PHPs for their products. (●´∀`)ノ♡

Soooo what’s your Daiso Japan experience? Any products/item you’d like to share with us and your verdict about them? What else you’d hope to see in these stores? Personally I want more fashion accessories and decorations! Hehehehe!

Hauls from Saizen: rose mirror, netted shopping bag, clear organizer, kawaii hair/head garter, mascara base coat, rose body mist and white falsies glue. Hehehehe!

Jiandra ❤

PS. I sometimes I reconsider working for Daiso Japan (that is under Robinsons) because, well, then I get to be surrounded with Japanese products and ideas and what could be more inspiring than that? I’d like to be their researcher or something.

PPS. Thanks to my buddy princess Meia who spazzed as much as me whenever we are visiting Saizen — she helps me a lot to notice more products that I keep on missing out because my attention keeps jumping everywhere to anywhere! *laughs* Isstrue! O(≧∇≦)O


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