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Daiso Japan Kris Kringle Blogger Event

1620891_1524351204474301_2431968302673716291_nThe invitation to Daiso Japan’s blogger event that promotes the Kris Kringle-ing spirits had me and fellow Manila-based bloggers a delightful to-and-fro, a back-and-forth through their shelves and shelves of gift-giving ideas. In search of products that fitted certain categories (by our own personal judgements, that was), we were given a short a time to decide which items were the most appropriate…

..And this kind of ever-first-Christmas experience had tapped into more of my Holiday and Creative-loving self, making the event quite memorable and heart-warming for me. Once again I’m dubbing this year as “My First to Everything!” *laughs* It certainly is!

So while there were given categories for each blogger to find items for, allow me to add more Kris Kringle ideas for my readers who are stuck in a rut and couldn’t find anything that is suitable for their own Kris Kringle event. Fear not, Thingiemajingie and Daiso Japan are here to help you this Christmas!

(Contains hilarity, puns, more hilarity. Hee hee!)

★ Something Kawaii
Daiso Japan’s know for their insanely adorable items (of anything!). Something cute, as it translates. And I couldn’t resist reaching for this floral notebook of post-its and sticky notes that I had been eying on since I first saw it back at Il Centro’s own Daiso Japan branch. The sweet designs are such an eye-candy for my otherwise plain notebooks and desk. *laughs*

To brighten up your academic or works space, this here booklet of post-its are a winner.

This Sequence Style sticky note booklet can also be for:

  • Something Useful
  • Something Colorful/Flowery
  • Something Unique
  • Something Memo-rable (get it? Get it? Oh, I crack myself up!)

★ Something Reminiscent of Childhood
I was about to grab hold of those writing and coloring material section until I ventured into the snack aisle. And being the Anime/manga fan since ever so young, the sight of the Pocky treats filled my fangirl heart (and tummy soon after!). Did anyone ever wondered what the female/male protagonist was chewing on? That brown stick from a red box on their hands. What was it. I need to have it! When I realized it was Pocky, it was definitely a reminiscent of my childhood! The realization was so delightful I was sniggering with my 10-year-old self.


The Pocky Double Choco sticks treat can also be for:

  • Something Sweet/Chocolate
  • Something Stick-y (NOT WITH THE PUNS AGAIN!)
  • Something An-Anime-Fan-Would-Know-Of
  • Something Merienda-ey (I tried, I tried! //dodges)

★ Something You Can Use After A Year
By my own personal opinion: practicality is what Daiso Japan is known for. Organization is probably next. The cuteness and kawainess goes in between at most times. I started wanting to collect the many of Daiso Japan’s containers and storage for my own use and keep. Seeing this folding storage box with cover was simply a must-have! I chose the brown one so that dusts and dirts wouldn’t be as noticeable as on the pink. Though I’d totally tap the pink though. And a bigger size at that too. Hee~ Definitely useable after a year, won’t you agree?

The Folding Storage Box can also be for:

  • Something Foldable
  • Something Angular
  • Something For Mother/Sister
  • Something Your-Cat-Would-Take-It-As-A-Playground

★ Something To Pamper Yourself With
Daiso Japan’s was that mindful and thoughtful — to include pampering on a Kris Kringle exchange (I found it cute, really!). While there are items that pleases its user with its functions, there are products that are solely for feel-good and relaxing. Pampering varies person to person and with me choosing a pair of headphones among their gadget section was my idea of relaxing. Music is my pampering buddy!

And, why yes, Daiso Japan does offer a wide range of items and accessories under their gadget section! For smart phones, music players, computers… they even include covers and cleaners among their selections.

This Diamond Cut Type Headphones can also be for:

  • Something Fashionable
  • Something Musical
  • Something Tech-ie/Gadget-ey
  • Something Eye-Catching (that color just pops out!)

★ Something That Starts with Letter “D”
D is for Daiso, as our friendly and pleasant host – Hi, Ms. Melanie! – told us bloggers. Find an item that starts with D. I knew right away the most common of D things inside Daiso Japan and I honestly didn’t want to follow that trend. I had aimed for something new — something creative! Something D’amzing……… and then my head made a mental kick at me after I stopped short at the stationary/office supply aisle and stared at notebooks and sketchpads. Diary and Drawing. Woah, right there. That was seriously creative! Even I was amazed at the thought.

But in the eeeeend I went along with:

The Semi Crystal Glass Ornament, and that can also be for:

  • Something Rock-Hard
  • Something Glassy (but unbreakable, yeah!)
  • Something With Weight
  • Something Royalty

D is for Diamond, was what I thought of. Could I get away with this? *laughs* Then again, like I could leave Daiso Japan and not have with me this really cool decoration. Never mind being a paper-weight. This here ornament had just made into my collection of princessy stuff. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

The Kris Kringle treasure hunt among bloggers was followed by an exchange of items among ourselves, as the mechanics of the event stated. ‘Tis the spirit of the Kris Kringle! While I gave away a few personally-chosen items (a rose sponge scrub, a box of Pocky, a mesh food cover, a pet squeaky toy and Diary) I have received:

  • an Eco Shopping Bag
  • a Strawberry-cover Lunch Box
  • a wooden Bathroom Set of Loofa, Foot Scrubber and Brush
  • a set of Twist Crayons
  • a set of small-sized Dust Pan and Broom

Pretty sweet, eh? Pretty sweet.

So now the Christmas is just around the corner and your shopping list of To-Buys-For-Them’s is gearing up with your wallet, come stop by at Daiso Japan and have a peek and your pick at the large selection of smart, affordable and cute treasures, presents and gifts that are from the Japan! You’d definitely be finding a good buy or two! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

The invited bloggers with Ms. Melanie (far right).

Anne Kate, co-founder of KAWAII.PH being adorable! I didn’t expect we’d meet through the blogger event… and we just had found out that were were practically batch mates from the same college (while being in different departments. Ahaha! Reminiscing good ‘ol college days were good.)

My Kris Kringle Blogger Event experience was all thanks to Ms. Melanie Santiago – Daiso Japan PH’s Marketing Officer – who expressed her kind invitation to me upon reading my first Daiso Japan post. And also my thanks to Ms. Bernice Chioa – Daiso Japan PH’s Marketing Manager – for her shared enthusiasm and friendly accommodation towards us bloggers. Thank you berry much! I really had fun! O(≧∇≦)O Until the next Daiso Japan gig! I definitely can’t wait to see the next items Daiso Japan would be having!

Come like Daiso Japan’s page on Facebook! Follow their Tweets and posts on Instagram too!

Jiandra (。’▽’。)♡


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    1. Kaaate! > v<) ❤ I saw pala the Kawaii.PH Kawaii Girl Makeup Look na ye mentioned na I really really want to join! //flails arms

      See ye soon too!

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