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My 2015 To-Do’s + Resolutions

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Last year’s trot-blogging declined due to other duties and commitments. It was a bummer but there’s was no way around it. ( ≧Д≦) Though I was able to spare a bit time to shoot places, my own gears were no longer up to par. Sad as it is some stuff age and are no longer able to deliver the results they once did (you guys did a good job for years too!). Still I’m delighted to at least post a few that made quite a traffic at the site, especially those kind of article-reports of certain shops and stores or photo galore of newly-opened food places.

The only setback (and I call it as the “me-quietly-rampaging-OCness”) I have encountered with this blog is that most of my Art Work categories, especially the DSS and ML ones have broken links to every attached images on every post. Everything was image-less! *makes frustrated sounds* It was a lesson for me to host my images to photo-sharing-centric websites like my Photobucket and not from my Facebook. I perhaps have carelessly changed names and labels from Facebook so the URL paths were changed here as well. It was truly non-sightly — literally, that was. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

This emptiness… is killing meeeeeeeeee! *flails arms*

I’m still in the middle of reupping images so please do bear with the empty posts. Ack!

Anyway, of course 2015 would be a much happier trotting place now for a list of to do is at hand! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I have been contemplating so during the holidays about this. While I’ll also include my usual art posts of illustrations, handcrafted accessories and designs, additionally there will be:

  • photograph and write about Marikina City food places at least twice a month,
  • join, photograph and write about any Marikina City-related events and happenings,
  • monthly OOTD or styling compilations post,
  • DIY, makeup, accessories tutorials or processes at least once a month,
  • Appreciation and Spotlight Feature posts at least twice a month,
  • more photoshoots – personal and business!
  • positivity writings or general article-ing once a month
  • video posts once a month
  • fix the site’s Category (I think it’s a mess too!)

I just know I have an arm’s list of hobbies and wants-to-do — I tend to be really jumpy from one hobby to the next. Somehow it’s both a pleasant and a not-so thing to do, especially I’m easily distracted thuuuus unable to finish what I had planned and started. (; ̄д ̄) It’s not a good practice, I’d be honest. More so that I’m the only person holding myself back from progressing. *makes more frustrated grunts*

So for this year’s resolution that will pave the way to a better year than the last, I will:

  • be more disciplined with time management,
  • be less distracted with the internet,
  • design and produce more leather works,
  • design and produce more fashion accessories and wardrobes,
  • start organizing my desk and create my work station properly,
  • connect with the folks and companies I want to collaborate with (no more shy-self, you!)
  • “put myself more out there,”
  • bring a sketch pad, notebook, writing materials to write down inspirations the moment I see and feel it,
  • start and create SOMETHING everyday, even if I don’t get to finish them the same day. Just start and create!
  • study designs, ideas, inspirations and more whenever I get the opportunity too,
  • set up my mini studio: crafting table with raw materials, sewing and photoshoot area,
  • join more events and bazaars and reactivate online account to international market,
  • aaaaaand limit spending by only buying raw materials when it’s imperatively needed aka when I use out all the current onhand (siiiince I tend to hoard raw materials a lot!)

I wasn’t for “New Year’s Resolutions” or planning for long-term stuff. I really wasn’t back years ago. But now it’s different. When realized that I’m not any getting younger and responsibilities are the realities of adults things are not as comfortable and convenient as they were. And I don’t want to remain where I am now too.  If I don’t plan for anything and take steps ahead, especially towards the goals that I want to fulfill, then I’m really not going anywhere at all. Sitting here won’t exactly make my dreams come true.

So, 2015, I’ll hence forth take you on! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶) Aaaand with decisiveness I want to dub my next year with a phrase:

“Two Worlds,” Song and Lyrics © Disney & Phil Collins

It just suddenly occurred to me, while busily doing the usual desk jobs and listening to a chosen list of Disney songs, how strong and optimistic those words are. From previous years I’ve nothing except feeling less confident with what I do and dedicate myself into; in which my indecisiveness, my fears and my anxieties roots from. I am weary feeling this way. I no longer want to just sit at the shores and watch the waters with others’ sails on it. I want to make my own ship and set for a great adventure for myself! I want to believe and have faith in myself that I can! ୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨

Soooo see you again in the next months of 2015 at this carnival place again. Heh!

Jiandra (●´□`)♡


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