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Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

Feature PhotoThe Daily Post Challenge: Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

Salutations! I’m Jiandra, the carnival master of this rollercoastic place of artistic pursuits, personal trottin’s and creative recordings of fanciful and beautiful things! Primarily I consider this as a “carnival”-of-sort place because I’m easily jumping from one ride to another — hence the variety of this WordPress. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I decided on creating Thingiemajingie (and we’ll get onto the reason behind the name later) with the initial intention of documenting anything Marikina City-related through my own means and style. From small cafes, restaurants, and events to local uniquity (aaand here I go again with the Wordplay Tendencies! Ahaha!), leather industry and more, I wanted to go and do no Marikenya has done before. The Shoe Capital of the Philippines is my hometown and I’m proud to be a citizen — desiring greatly to show what my city is offering to neighboring places and curious travelers.

And, weeell, because I’m easily distracted and have a lot of hobbies left and right, I decided to just make a blog of anything and everything together: my portfolio of Illustrations, stashes of Photography, Traveling, crafting and writing heartfelt articles of my interest and quirks, my businesses (here and here) and a lot more in-between. At one point I wanted to focus solely to one or two ideas/genre/interest but it would seem my attention keeps on shifting no matter how I resist. *laughs* Though this 2015 I’m aiming for calming myself down and just choosing 3 major topics that I want Thingiemajingie to be The Place forr: Marikina City related posts, Thrifty Styling/Outfitting and my Designing escapades for my businesses. Occasional there would be a thrown-in of Art Works and most definitely Photography. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

(Mmmm. But then again that sounded nothing new in comparison with 2014. Aaaand I’m indecisive again! *laughs* But I am all for the goal of regularly posting and being active, unlike last year.)

In a nutshell this be like a Personal Diary minus the other intimate details (as I’d like to keep my privacy as it is). Nonetheless Thingiemajingie aims to bridge one idea to another, keeping my viewers and readers informed and entertained as I blog about this and that. Pluuuus I enjoy writing too soo yeah.

Thingiemajingie was actually a fumble of words I came up with while signing in at WordPress the first time. Erm, at first it was all nice and informal — nothing too serious — until I’m growing more, err, shy at it (especially when I share my blog to inquiring folks). The playfulness is there – a personification of myself – but I think I could use a much more interesting but shorter (and easier to say) approach? I am contemplating replacing the name of this blog actually. I’m just finding the right opportunity to do so. Aheh.

You can read more of the trivial stuff about me at the About Jiandra page. I delightfully shared that I’m into a loooooot of stuff, including my oh-so-blatant love for BL, Manga and Anime aaand where I’m else at, spreading sunshine and whatnot. I’m happy to see you visiting and dropping by at my ‘lil carnival place and hope you enjoyed your stay without all the queue troubles! *tee hee!* Thingiemajingie welcomes you at its 2015 adventures! O(≧∇≦)O Jiandra


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