Art Works

The HARNESScessary Shoot (1/3)

Model: JOYEN (
MakeUp Artist: Victor Loong (
Photographer: Kristin Lizandra Cornejo (
Post-processing: Jiandra Alda
Body Harness/Wrist Cuffs/Rings/Choker: Dark~Sweet~Soul

Location: Makati City
January 2015

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

It pleases me to share that I worked with very talented and fun individuals behind HARNESScessary — from the amazing Alternative Model Joyen and fantastic makeup artist Victor to my good college friend (now a full time studio photographer and total cinematographile) Kristin-Kuristwin, DSS has taken a new spin that even I haven’t seen before.

It was Joyen’s enthusiasm that inspired me to do white harnesses and organize the fashion shoot as early as the first week of December 2014 (we actually started talking last September 2014, I believe?). While I was totally shy and awkward with strangers (as always), it was because of her that I wanted to take steps towards a project goal for DSS and connecting more with creative people. I wanted more folks to be part of my DSS. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

It was really awesome the whole thing, especially conversing with Victor who took delight with pulling off makeup looks he haven’t tried his hands on (and he was a total funny lad!) and Kuristwin’s assertiveness and professionalism and eye for fashion portraits and commands. It was such a good experience that I could only thank them over and over again. //shy-wagging tail

Realizing that I truly like what I do and make, I like it very much more when I see my works doing their thing on other people. I honestly do not mind the front stage — I enjoy pulling strings on the back and making sure those who worked just as hard get the proper credits and acknowledgement. Such is the idea I’m growing fond with even more (after the whole HAIKYUU!! watching): I cannot do this alone… but together with people who support you all the way, paths are made to walk on.

I will continue doing more for this year! Be the Go-Getter, Jiandra! ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

Part two of the The HARNESScessary Shoot will be posted this week. And the harnesses on the photos are definitely for sale and are limited! Please do read more the details right here: Tumblr or Facebook.



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