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The HARNESScessary Shoot (3/3) * Mature Content

Before anything else let me take this opportunity to give my readers’ a heads up warning on the images — these all here are the byproducts of consensual parties – both mine, the model and the photographer – therefore I ask each and everyone to keep an open-mind towards Nudity. Any offensive remarks or statements that I will receive on this post or elsewhere, regardless towards me or onto the participating individuals – I will not tolerate them.

Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Model: JOYEN (
MakeUp Artist: Victor Loong (
Photographer: Kristin Lizandra Cornejo (
Post-processing: Jiandra Alda
Body Harness/Wrist Cuffs/Rings/Choker: Dark~Sweet~Soul

Location: Makati City
January 2015

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The team I worked with were really mindful and respectful: before even posing for these shots, Joyen asked if it was okay to go topless, wear my works and shoot as-is. Though it completely caught me off-guard, I was all for it. I had a quick quiet inner moment if I should or should not to go with it because it would mean exposing my model and my works in a different angle. Would it be okay or not, I wondered, in the name of protection and security. But you know what: all throughout the shoot, Joyen, Kristin and Victor worked like magic and was honestly inspiring that there was no way for me to disregard feeling the confidence they have towards their fortes. And that whatever they do with my works, they only have good intentions and goals. Who am I to stop people from shining brightly at their own fields? And their encouragements and positivity assured me that DSS fitted with the proposed albeit impromptu-ish idea.

(Additionally, Joyen is an Alternative Model who does a lot of musical and artistic endeavors mostly the common lot is not open about. As this article’s title says it all, Joyen is The Queen of the Ropes! She is one badass Dominatrix that I can’t help spazz over for! Kya kya kyaa!)

I did mean for DSS to be open to a different market and it was because them that I made these first steps towards it, to venture onto it. It still gives me goosebumps when I think and see how those accessories that I made were amplified by another. I could only be humble because of it.

Can I say that these shots were tastefully done too? Kristin somehow knew what I wanted and delivered the shots so well. Victor’s makeup artistry complemented well with Joyen’s feature and body language and understood what worked well with the model — no frequent touch-ups needed! And Joyen was truly a visual artist/model who knew to express herself effortlessly and so professionally while keep it light with wit and humor. I might sound like I’m trumpeting over my team a little bit but how could I not when I honestly enjoyed myself throughout the photoshoot? Only a few segment of the community accept and understand the uniqueness and beauty of the uncommon stuff.

The entire The HARNESScessary Shoot has been posted. And the harnesses on the photos are definitely for sale and are limited! Please do read more the details right here: Tumblr or Facebook.


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