La Veranda Cafe — A Garden In the City

Like the usual curious self, I made an intentional visit at place I’ve known since I was grade-schooler: my ride to my old school would always pass by at what I always saw and read as the Marikina Garden Spa. Fast forward to present and the construction sign – cafe – just right in front of the aforementioned spa was decidedly a I-will-visit-you-soon! promise — in the name of pursuing what is new in Marikina City, I must see what it is!

And there it is with a homey, country feel illumined by a large glass window/door and greenery that relaxes both the mind and body (and tummy, bless!), La Veranda Cafe Marikina is a garden place of Italian setting serving the tastiest pasta I’ve ever tried! And a whole lot more of affordable menus to choose from too.

Delighting your stomach at any given day, their Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner include:

  • All Day Breakfast of Tapa, Daing na Bangus, Corned Beef and more, served heartily with garlic rice,
  • Pastas such as Spaghetti Meatballs, Italiana (Pesto), Marikena (Tinapa) and by personal recommendation, try their Pasta Victoria please!
  • Sandwiches,
  • Snacks of Fish and Chips, Chili Nachos and Cheese Nachos,
  • Salads of Wardolf, Caesar and Garden,
  • Hot Beverages and Cold Beverages — they have smoothies!
  • A variety of Cakes and Pastries,
  • Special Menus and
  • Burgers too!

Price ranges from single (130PHP and above) to platter (350PHP). These are really pretty good prices on top of good ambiance and setting to enjoy the meals with family, friends and loved ones.

So if you happen to be trotting about Marikina Heights (the hilly place in Marikina, yes!), come and relax and eat at La Veranda Cafe – A quick getaway place and reward in the heart of a busy city! I’mma sure returning here since I want my buddies to experience the food and more.

La Veranda Cafe Marikina
Address: 181 Gen. Ordonez St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City, PH
Tel #: 940 – 4811 | 941 – 5035
Facebook Page: La Veranda Cafe Mairkina

Pasta Ericka (seafood in red tomato sauce) & Iced Cappuccino~
Pasta Veronica (chicken, zucchini and olives and more) = I SURPRISINGLY LOVE THIS!

2 thoughts on “La Veranda Cafe — A Garden In the City

    1. I’m totally all for the relaxing feel of this place. It’s like a shelter from the busy life with lots of delicious food and pastries!

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