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Outfits of the Month: January ’15

OOTMOOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post and fashion breakdowns
shared every end of the month here in Thingiemajingie.

As a huge advocate of street and casual styling, the author has always been translating her interest with Japanese Street Fashion by regularly dressing up styles that inspired from Gyaru/GAL, Hime “princess” Kaji, Lolita, Dolly Kei, Aomoji Kei, Mori, Gothic Punk styles and others. But as any person trotting about here and there she could only do so a few dressing up in a month.

Likewise the author would like to share and express her fashion sense that are mostly of thrift or surplus finds, personal handmade works and experiments, thus making Thingiemajingie’s OOTM an economic way of dressing up without the burns in the wallet and positive creativity that enhances self-confidence and esteem.

This project is a 2015 Goal that Jiandra decided to work on as discipline to her blogging hobby and passionate outlook and adoration towards Japan Fashion.

I’ve known ever since that I was into dressing up even before I recognized the habit. And there had been a lot of times (last year and the year before) that I wanted to record my outfits of the day but keep on forgetting to do so or that I was too worn out (pun!) or too hurrying to be able to. Now, no more excuses! *laughs*

In a steady-monthly-pace, I’ll start recording my own version of fashion coordinates by doing my OOTM!

Month of January 2015
Total Outfits: 4 sets



  • White Long Top: off-brand (thrift find)
  • Top-Crochet Spaghetti Strap (bought from America)
  • Beige Floral Lace Skirt: Cotton On (thrift find)


  • White Rose Golden Spike Headband: Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Bundle Bracelet, Tri-Diamond Ring: Divisoria
  • NYC Alex and Ani Bracelet (gift)
  • Crown-pendant Rosary Necklace: M’Lady (handmade)
  • White Lace Platform Sneakers: DIVIDED from H&M (bought from America)
  • Off-white Lace Socks (bought from America)



  • Back-Laced Tank Top (brought from America)
  • Laced Cardigan with Golden Buttons: BV. Blu: (thrift find)
  • Light Pink Crochet-Trim Shorts (brought from America)


  • Kawaii Crown-Button Hairtie: DAISO Japan
  • Antique Gold Butterfly in Frames: Divisoria
  • Bow-Pendant Pearl Necklace: M’Lady (handmade)
  • Grey Lace Socks (bought from America)



  • Oversized Cream Crochet Top (thrift find)
  • High-Waisted Black Shorts (brought from America)


  • Off-white Lace Bow Hairtie: M’Lady (handmade)
  • Thick Black Thigh-High Socks (brought from America)



  • Sailor Top: Tree House (thrift find)
  • Pleated Shorts: off-brand (thrift find)


  • Kawaii Crown-Button Hairtie: DAISO Japan
  • Off-white Lace Bow Hairtie: M’Lady (handmade)
  • Sunglasses: Funky Fish
  • Grey Lace Socks (bought from America)

Of the Month Remarks: There was a total 360 degree spin of my clothes from all the blacks and monochrome to light, airy, linen-y and lacy outfittings. I’m keeping a lot more of beiges, whites, off-whites and occasional pinks and maroons than ever before in my life! *laughs* I kinda remembered what my Aunt told me about wearing more colorful clothes and thought maybe I should? I was sporting black far too long that when I started wearing beige, I felt off at first. I’m glad of the change in pace — more so that I was more accepting and embracing the way I wear my clothes.

Aaaaaand, yeah, thrift shopping is like candy to my soul! *makes grabby hands* If raw material-buying is first of my weakness, it’s thrift shopping that’s second. *tee hee hee’s*


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