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I had a small premonition of wearing my leather works early this year — whether it was for my usual outdoor-ing or a photoshoot I opted for the latter because it had been a while doing male counterparts. I kind of envisioned to be looking like one of those fashionable bad guys who look very individualistic and memorable with their accessories and piercing.  I tried, I tried! *laughs* (*^▽^*)

I may perhaps be behaving willful; quenching my thirst for set designing once again and then dressing up at the same time. I never got around to actually shoot for DSS and myself properly since I was all for just moving behind backstage. I’d occasionally add a few accessories here and there for previous engagements and OOTMs… but this 2015 I’m stepping up my gears by proudly showcasing what gets my blood running and my mind working: accessory designing and fashion. It’s because of DSS that I feel distinctively connected to myself and my passionate pursuits.

Harnesses are becoming staple accessories over at DSS since they are very unique and can easily add oomph to plain wardrobes. For my next OOTD, I’m very sure I’ll be wearing one! They’ll be coming out in different colors and material because I cannot seem to find contentment with the usual stuff I use. (I really tend to be all jumpy from one thing to another, really!)

Spike headbands have never left my accessory rack (both personal and commercial-use!) and I always enjoy wearing one. It was partly due to the fact that I feel like my hair’s growing boredly (hahaha!) and I want something on it [my hair] every time I dress up. Hairties are life-savers, so are headbands too. I specifically designed this one to be devilish-looking with horn-like arrangement on a row of rivets just because. *laughs*

Lip Cuffs are made from aluminum and tin materials and are especially sterilized for at least 2-3 times under boiling water to ensure safe usage. Edges are smoothed out and are curved circularly (as neatly and perfectly as I could!). The thing I like how I’m doing my cuffs — especially now that they are now very much available at DSS — is that they are super lightweight and fits easily due to its bendable properties. They work great as Lip Cuffs, yes, but as ear cuffs I have yet to give it a whirl.

Eyepatches are for certain clients — that I experienced much. They’d be either those who wear it for the aesthetic of it and those with a medical condition and want a little touch of uniqueness when they wear one. These situations and encounters are some of the things I like experiencing as a designer because it gives me a glimpse of the lives of my clients — be it for the simplest requests, complex requests and odd ones, I do my best to accept them all and deliver 100%.

I have such tight and strict principle with this business, regardless who my client is. And nothing frazzles me more being unable to deliver what they want, being late or being unable to do what I said. Ever since long before I try to practice the One Word Commitment: that what I say is exactly what I do. I’ve had my share of disappointment from the POV of a buyer/client: it is too irksome, bothersome and troublesome to be kept waiting and returning and hoping for promises that keep on changing and unacceptable excuses being thrown in left and right. Who the heck likes that? I certainly do not. I would never ever let my own clients under DSS (and ML) to be treated and feel as such. That is why I exhaust all means to communicate and to try do to my utmost capabilities. Perhaps a few clients might notice the consistent way of updating because I do not want them to feel hanging. No, not at all. Most especially those who paid and trust me to do what I do.

Such work ethic was noticed actually — by a sweet client I met the first time last December — who unabashedly shared how surprised she was with how fast I worked without comprising quality. That when I set a deadline for her project, I met it. I was happy to hear that, truly.

By the end of each business transactions it’s what the client’s feeling towards my works and designs and ethics matter to me. The monetary benefit comes second. And that is why I always say, time after time, “I’m just glad you like it.” It’s because it makes me happy that they do!

Now let me talk about this seemingly Dangerous Alleyway-To-The-Dark-Abyss-of-Doom set up: it ain’t dangerous! It came as a surprise how it turned out because I chose to shoot past 12 noon when the sun casts overhead shadows and made even shadowier pavement. This one’s behind our home, a real narrow path at the backyard connecting to two laundry area: the indoor and outdoor sampayans. For this kind of static and tight area I always consider using the horizon as guidelines to where the eyes (the viewer’s eyes, I mean) would follow and the walls as “frames”. There weren’t much any interesting element here (aside from the strip of light from the roof area) so adding a bit more color and idea like the CAUTION TAPE for the “bad boy” theme helped. The grungy textures on both walls helped too, right? It made it look modern-like — in the city.

And of course, with the help of Lightroom, the temperature of the images were tweaked to have a cooler feel. There was a huge contrast of light and dark: using the “shadow” parts to accentuate those with lights and those that were real subjects of the photos.

Ahahaha. Did I make sense to you guys?

Well, set designing is part of the whole Jiandra’s-Creative-Pursuits so I can’t wait to start up my mini studio where I can shoot my accessories, my favorite muses and others with it with ease and no troubles. A themed backdrop and set up will always delight my senses and artsy-self. //makes grabby hand gestures

Jiandra: ANTAGONISTIC because I’m feeling The Bad Guy. *sits with the Bad-Anon group* Hi, I’m Bad Guy…

But anyway, this last photo is DSS’ current FB Cover and I know it won’t do me good feeling shy that it’s my face right then and there but might as well steel my resolve and think, wear it loud and wear it proud.

Jiandra (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆


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