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Tamashii Convention 2015 Snaps

Tamashii Convention 2015
March 28, 2015
SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, PH
Organized by: Nihon Kenkyuu Kai – 日本研究会

I decided on attending Tamashii Con a week before the actual event. I kind of anticipated a long ticket queue (like the usual conventions) but I was happy (and surprised!) that there weren’t any queues upon my arrival before 12NN — I went on straight to the paying counter and was accommodated by friendly Nihon Kenkyuu Kai staff.

The crowd upstairs weren’t rowdy but they did grew in number around 5PM. Earlier it was roomy inside the hall – enough to be able to browse merchandises and converse with sellers and artists. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case anymore during the afternoon as flocks of friends, visitors and hobbyist stayed inside to listen to the bands and song tracks.

My con experience was good as I was able to see and meet folks plus I was able to sign up for what I intentionally attended for. Additionally, being able to take photos with ease (like how I feel during Friday-day events) earlier in the day.

Though the lack of food stalls were kind of apparent? For me, that is. I think there was only 3-4 specialty foods and the out-of-the-venue snack bar? And trash cans too. Also, placing the artist alley right beside the stage didn’t seem like a good idea — audience, watchers and bystanders gathered close that they blocked view and took the allotted space for the artists and their potential customers. It kinda made me sad as good works and illustrations deserved proper exposure too, like with merchandise stalls and toy booths. Perhaps placing the Artist Alley by the sides is much better — being farther away from growing, non-towering height and excited crowds (whose attentions are easily directed, like the Live Stage area).

All in all, I’ll give Tamashii Con a rate of 8.9/10 for a small-scaled event that was able to deliver what it advertised and promoted for the first quarter of the year. It will probably flourish more next year and I will definitely want to attend it again for its cultural booths, games and support to local Artisans, Musicians and Hobbyists — provided the timing of schedule permits. *laughs*

And yes, I’m one for the No Ticket-No Entry of the venue policy. I am willing to shell out a few bill in exchange for ease, comfort and spaces in conventions. This is to hoping more conventions and events following suit with the policy as it helps to filter and do crowd control. //thumbs up


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