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The Great Japan Adventure – Music Video

Not sure how many times I’ve tried exporting and uploading this one for the past days but here it is: a three minute video snippets of my Japan tour! I promised myself to start doing video recording whenever I’m in a new country. While I missed my opportunity during my vacation in the United States, this here in Japan was all for I-Ain’t-Passing-This-Up oath. *laughs* For the entire duration of the 5-Day stay, I juggled with shooting photographs and videos and I kept on missing doing one or not the other when I got spazztically distracted. OH, JAPAN! Why do you have to be this beautiful!

Yes, music video it is! And nothing felt more adventurous and optimistic with Kyou Kara Maou’s 2ND OP. My buddy Meia let me heard it via her playlist and I knew from the first song loop that I liked the track a lot already. The melody, the message of the lyrics — I knew it suited well with my own feelings during my stay in Japan. What better way to mix things up by using it as the BGM! I really loved it despite low quality~ *laughs* I opt to really learn the technicalities of video editing and exporting. But, yeah, anyway.

(And no, I haven’t properly watched the anime despite it’s filled with pretty men and BL tendencies! *cackles* Still, all their tracks are catchy and wonderful and I’m doing a lot of repeat of Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni.)

It pained me a little that I shot so little during the Fourth and Fifth Day. The weariness got me (accompanied with the lost in translation when we were taking the trains) and I was highly superduper distracted being at Takeshita Dori in Harakuju. The hours and hours of walking and looking for the perfect pairs of shoes (that I finally found, yay!) made me forget to shoot the many fashionable students and people there. I even missed to walk in certain brand shops too! *shakes fist* Despite these shenanigans and regrets, I’ll steel my resolve and aim to return in Japan. If not soon, next year again. So yeah, even more video shooting definitely.

If you want to catch more of the adventure, there are photo-dump posts dedicated entirely to my Japan Adventure and list of places I went too: Part I and Part II.

For now I couldn’t with recording with my voice since, uhhh, for some reason it sounds lower than actual. Kinda makes me shy about it too. Aheh. Ah, whale!

Jiandra > v<)/


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