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Outfits of the Month: March ’15


OTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post and fashion breakdowns
shared every end of the month here in Thingiemajingie.

 Month of March 2015
Total Outfits: 3 sets + 2 additional



  • Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt in Sheer Fabric – TJ Marshall (bought from America)
  • Cream Pleated Shorts – thrifted
  • Floral Socks with Lace Trims – Forever21
  • White Laced Shoes – Divided (H&M)


  • Pink Princess Bow Hairtie/Necklace – Daiso Japan
  • Elegant Pearl Headband – Divisoria



  • Black Checkered Top – thrifted
  • Black Big Bow Shorts – thrifted
  • Thick Black Thigh-High Socks (brought from America)
  • Buckled Platform Mary Janes – WEGO (brought from Japan)




  • Oversize Lace-Detailed Top – thrifted
  • Black Big Bow Shorts – thrifted
  • Kawaii Brown Thigh High Socks with Button and Fur (brought from America)
  • Buckled Platform Mary Janes – WEGO (brought from Japan)


  • Stripey Maroon Bow Hairtie – Japan Home Center
  • Gothic Rosary with Heart Pendant – Dark~Sweet~Soul

Of the Month Remark: the last two outfit sets were taken from Japan — what I donned during the cold cold cooooold March weather. I couldn’t pass up not recording these despite the freezing temperature… and thought back fondly how nice it’d be when it will be slightly cold here and we can all dress up in layers again. C’mere, -BER months!

Alas, Summer just breezed in so I’m definitely going to “try” toning the style down. Try.

(My thanks to my sibling – hi, Ajanine! – for lending me her neon trench coat during our Takeshita Dori conquest. I definitely wouldn’t have made it far with the rigid blow of the winds. Accck. Why so cold, Japan? I still love you lots!)

I’m changing layouts now — I’m including shoes! I am a shoe person (yes!) but for some reason I just have a few pair that I incessantly murder that I use rotationally and thought how sad it is how I’m not showing them on my posts. Changing that, changing.

In the next posts I will start donning my own sewn dresses and designs and see how they’d fare. Joining me would be my DSS Muse too! Can’t wait! I have a lot of stash fabrics here but I can’t start sewing just yet. I plan to make more dresses and start on a planned cosplay and two maid outfits – yes, I’m looking at you, Che and Meia! – to practice on. Let’s go!


PS. I seriously thought I won’t be able to post this just in time before March ends. Glad I was able to! Yay!


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