Art Works

The Creepy-Cute Gal

Model: Mou Chan (
Photography/Editing: Jiandra Alda
Body Harness, Leather Accessories: Dark~Sweet~Soul

I’ve always wanted to shoot at a metropolitan setting!  This was actually planned way before 2015 started but me and my Muse never got around to do it so soon. When we were suppose to finally do it, I was down with a terrible sickness. Though that didn’t stop me from crafting my favorite thing and sewing a skirt I’ve been wanting to make… thus the creative and fun weekend commenced!

My Muse was wearing a Batty-Ribbon hair accessory made from man-made leather — a tandem of black and white. This was to compliment the pattern of the skirt. She was also wearing a Custom Made body harness I called The Spine because of the interesting arrangement of D-Rings and studs found at the back part. I made additional styling with making her wear one of my personal must-have’s – a Gothic Rosary with a very detail heart pendant – and Leather Thigh Garter.

Other than practicing photography, I’m now making sure to include my sewn works and wardrobes as initial steps to release marketable pieces and designs under DSS. I still do not have confidence in my sewing and dressmaking skills but I am practicing as much chances as I could with it.


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