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Outfits + More of the Month: April ’15


OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post and fashion breakdowns
shared every end of the month here in Thingiemajingie.

And for this month, it’s a special feature of Jiandra’s own designed and made creations! Showcasing a dress, skirt and her leatherworks from DSS, she had once again whipped up shooting with the accompaniment of her new companion – Kuon-kun!

My dressmaking quest has continued on this year – albeit slow in production – and I’ve been enjoying the journey of learning, understanding and grasping the art of that is designing and making clothes from scratch. While I still bout against my perfectionist self, I try to calm myself down when errors happen. It’s all part of it, I’d convince myself over and over again.

So instead of pressuring myself to make the perfect wearables the moment I start sewing them, I’d sit back and think, “They won’t be perfect the first time. And that is okay. Take it easy.”

Black Dolly Summer dress/JSK (handmade), Heartring Choker & Thigh High Garters (Dark~Sweet-Soul), Platform shoes (thrift)

For this post I’m showcasing a Black Dolly Summer Dress with princess darts and a pleated Skirt with lace trimming by the hemline. I decided on making these from the black fabric my Grandma (Hi, Mama!) handed to me the last time I was over at her home. The fabric is gorgeous and of such high quality that it was breezy to work with. I dedicate this dress to you, Mama! Thank you for supporting me with my sewing adventures.

Black Sheer top (thrift), Skirt (handmade), Devilishly Spike Headband, Thigh High Garters (Dark~Sweet~Soul), Platform shoes (thrift)

The pleated skirt was started on a week after I finished my dress. Because I have one too many shorts and lacking skirts I decided on making more of the latter. Though this particular skirt has mistakes (like the waist strap, measurements, etc.), I’d think, “that’s okay. I’m the only one who’ll be wearing it anyway.” Aheh! I decorated the hem with the same lace trimming I used with the dress.

Inner Beige top (from America), Outer Long dress (thrift), skirt (handmade), Old Rose Lacey socks (Forever21), White Creepers shoes (thrift), Choker and Collar harness (Dark~Sweet~Soul)

In addition to photoshooting my dress works, I’m adding Dark~Sweet~Soul’s recent DESSIN series: The Aprillora! I found this PVC leather at my usual resource place and fell entirely in love with it! As much as I adore floral elements, the leather is even in pink — a total change of pace from my usual blacks and whites.

Harnesses are still all the rave based from the IG posts I follow and in Japan’s street fashion looks. I don’t wear much harnesses myself but I’m enjoying the fact that I could craft them (they’re kind of my stress-relievers actually *laughs*). And to separate myself from the typical harnesses I’m introducing ones that have patterns and designs on them. I’d think they’d go great with simple and basic wardrobe as they [harness] give more edge being decorative and eye-catching and all. I’m slowly introducing more patterned work designs over at DSS, especially those kind of designs that are quirky and eccentric yet unique to look at.

The month is ending and I’m working on a cosplay a plan to shoot next month. While I’m at it I’m adding another fluffy dress on my list of to sew and maid dresses for my pals. I’m actually making a Birthday Post since May – my favorite month! – is my birthmonth and I’d like to have all sorts of trims and laces! Ahahahahah! I was supposed to add fabrics too but I kinda have some stocked here.

The sewing and dressmaking continues on! ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ᕤ


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