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Jiandra Joins Kawaii International’s Kawaii Leader Search Contest!

While I’m still in my usual bouts of shyness and indecisiveness, I finally submitted my entries for Kawaii International‘s Kawaii Leader Search Contest. (*´∀`*)

Requiring two photos (Full and Upper shots) for the contest, I opted for using and showcasing my two brand lines: Dark~Sweet~Soul and M’Lady as accessories for my chosen coordinate. I’ve always wanted to combine them together in such a way that it isn’t clashing or obviously contrasting. While my DSS and ML are characteristically polar opposites, at some point I thought maybe these two aren’t too different from each other at all. Sooo I tried.

Vote JIANDRA here!

The contest didn’t mention restrictions about sharing other shots based from the submitted entries or that one is not allowed to share his/her answers in regards with the questioning portion. Still I think it’d be more meaningful if the Kawaii.I would be the only ones to know those details for now. And then when the contest ends I’d blog them here for records of courage (as I don’t normally enter contests, ahahahaha~)

Just for an idea, I’d be posting only one shot from the set. Speaking of set…

My entries wouldn’t be possible without the help of my kawaii sibling (also into Photography!) – Ajil! – who was patient with me and my Kuon-kun. Thank you, Ajil! *laughs* Aaaaand I need me a 60MM lens too! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Soooo if you happen to fancy my entry, kindly vote for me~ Your votes are highly appreciated! Vote JIANDRA here!

Aaaand lastly, if you also happen to want to join as well mechanics are found here: Kawaii International website or at their Facebook page.

Contest prizes include latest Kawaii items from Neb Aaran Do, 6%DOKIDOKI, Erimaki Sox (which I watched the feature two episodes previously at NHK and thought how cutely they are!!) and a Lucky Bag of Japanese goodies. Additionally, chosen winners by the committee would have a chance to go to Japan and experience more of the Kawaii culture! So grab this opportunity now!

Let’s go! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Aaaand best of lucks to all contestants!


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