Over And Beyond The Cutest Dreams!

The culture of Kawaii extends through book pages, promising positivity, inspiration, creativity and confidence for every curious and adventurous Filipinos. A magical hand-size wonder and treat for the kawaii-loving boys and girls is finally here!

Kawaii Philippines, together with Japanese-centric groups, launched their first ever handy-dandy book: The Kawaii PH Book!

As they say, one doesn’t choose the Kawaii life — the Kawaii life chooses them. So when there would be an event filled with nothing but cute aesthetics, colorful people, artistic pursuits and the like, who wouldn’t enjoy a whimsical gathering brought together by one purpose: the adoration and advocacy for Kawaii! Thanks to the team behind Beyond the Cutest Dreams, everyjuan can discover, enjoy and love Kawaii — starting from a single, cute book.

In case you missed what went down the book launch that was held last 17th of June, Beyond The Cutest Dreams was packed with eventful activities: from a solo performance to idol group dancing, from sketching onto larger-than-life chuck shoes to doing your own DIY pin-buttons, attendees were free to use backdrops for mini shoots and enjoying the adorably done venue (with hovering balloon clouds, Sakura trees, etc). Additionally, attendees met and conversed with their fellow Kawaii-enthusiasts through a Stamp Rally idea, encouraging fellow boys and girls to socialize through signing each others’ book. Gifts and tokens were delights for those who joined games (such as a marshmallow relay) and for those who strutted their own OOTDs and styling down the ramp.

Small but intimate, Beyond The Cutest Dreams was a dream-like get-together held at one of the populous malls within the metro. For sure the spread of Kawaii does not stop right there after the launch of its beautiful book; as Kawaii PH and its founding leaders and fellow communities adhere on: the Kawaii culture, movement and lifestyle hence forth reach, gather and inspire more Filipinos to be creative and positive and to pursue their dreams and be themselves proudly.

So grab a Kawaii PH Book (through their Kawaii Store) while it’s still available! For only 200PHP, you’ll get your dose of inspiring stories and snippets from individuals with big dreams, fashion ideas, DIY tutorials and so much more of the cuteness. Really, who can’t say no to cute?

Thank you to Kawaii PH for making me part of their media team… and for the really adorable post cards that came with the press release. So cute!

Catch more of Kawaii PH future events and other posts of adorable and inspiring stuff and Japan-related shares here: Website and Facebook!

More event photos down below. (●♡∀♡)

For this special event I finally debuted one of creations I finished a couple of weeks back. The Aye Aye Cap’n OP dress with matching bow hair ties. The fabric might be familiar because it was also the same fabric I used and sewed for my Muse’s photoshoot last April 2015. And yes, I belatedly realized how catty the hair ties made me look. *laughs* Still, I’m stoked to be able to wear my works – other than my usual leathers and bags – and see and feel how they looked on me. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

And for other surprising experiences during event, I, together with many other attendees, were among the chosen folks to do a fashion runway as part of the program. This was an On-The-Spot sort of fashion walk of those who came to the event wearing their kawaii-est look. It was fun~

Sooo, yeah. Aye Aye Cap’n dress is a cool weather/temperature wear because the bodice’s fabric is somewhat polyester soooo it felt extra hot. And unstretchy. But that’s totally fine. Aheh. Oh oh, fluffy skirts are always fun!

Just an extra after-thought: I have to commend the wonderfully done venue: the rainbow-balloon with the big sun, suspended clouds, flowerpots and the large four sides of photo walls were just genius! I’m a nitpicker for those, always looking for a really nice, well-thought out and executed set-ups and settings – however big or small. Aheh. Lovely, lovely!

Thank you for reading and viewing~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Until the next trot and adventures! Aheh!


2 thoughts on “Over And Beyond The Cutest Dreams!

  1. I’m so glad that you had a great time in the Kawaii PH book launch! I was busy going around the venue (as a volunteer for KPH hihi) but I do remember you from the fashion walk. ♥ Loved your outfit!! ♥♥ I hope to see you in our future events~

    1. Hi, Celina~ Otsukaresama!

      I’m just happy the outfit delighted you. ^^ Hope to see you too soon! Will once again volunteer to be part of the documentary team. ^^

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