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Outfits of the Month: June ’15

OOTMOOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month here in Thingiemajingie.

Including eye makeups by Jiandra!

Month of June 2015
Total Outfits: 5 sets



  • Knitted Beige Top with Crochet Collar – (thrifted)
  • Denim Black Skirt – Royal Bones (from Hot Topic)


  • Bundle of Bracelets – Divisoria
  • Black Rimmed Glasses – DAISO Japan
  • Black Laced Tights – brought from America
  • Shoes – WEGO Japan



  • Cream Crocheted Cardigan – (thrifted)
  • Gray Polka Dotted Top – (thrifted)
  • Denim Shorts with Lace – (thrifted)


  • Bird Cage Pendant Necklace – Divisoria
  • Laced Socks – Forever21
  • White Creeper Shoes – (thrifted)



  • Pink Sheer Top with Lace and Heart Button Top – (thrifted)
  • Black Shorts with Big Bow – (thrifted)


  • Bundle of bracelets – Divisoria
  • Rose Pendant Beaded collar – M’Lady (handmade)
  • Black Thigh-high socks – Divisoria
  • Shoes – WEGO Japan



  • Denim Vest – NEXT
  • Rose Print on Lace Tank Top – DIVIDED (thrifted)
  • Black Sheer Skirt (I call it the Gothic Queen skirt //laughs!) – (thrifted)


  • Spiked Headband – Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Spiky Heartring Choker – Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Silver Wing Collar – Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Gothic Rosary with Heart Pendant – Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Thigh High Garter with Chains and Crosses – Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Dominican Cross Necklace – UST
  • Platform Mary Jane Shoes (not included in the photos) – WEGO Japan



  • Peach Dress with Crochet-Beaded Collar – LIS LIZA (thrifted)
  • Laced Cardigan with Golden Buttons – BV. Blu: (thrifted)


  • White Leather Collar with Golden Ribbon Pendant – (handmade)
  • White Laced Shoes – Divided (H & M)
  • White Laced Socks – (brought from America)
  • Rings – Divisoria

Of the month remarks: Brown Eyeliners for the entirety of the month! I’m super satisfied with LOL’s Dark Brown Liquid Liner as its tip is smooth and easy to glide along the lash line. It’s also long-lasting (from, say, 11AM to 8PM, it’s still all good!) and it doesn’t smudge off too. I fancy also its brown shade — not too dark to be black-like but not too light to be unnatural.

Dark Brown Liquid Eyeliner, photo from LOL’s official website.

I’m searching for its black counter part but I’ve yet to check the usual LOL stalls I know that are near to me — SM Cubao and Watson’s Sta. Lucia. I wonder if their other eye cosmetics are as good. Gotta check those one out as I’m looking for a mascara replacement.


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