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M’Lady: Batch 04 July 2015 (and other notes)

M’Lady, For the Modern Princess

Batch 04: July 2015
Bag Prices: PhP795.00/each

Dimensions: 10 x 11.5 x 5.5 (bag handle not included)
Compartment count: 4

Other details
– detachable shoulder strap
– golden hardware
– Proudly Made in Marikina!

First Order Form Received, First Served Basis.
Shipping fee excluded.

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The initial design was kind of bare and I took another of a night’s sleep to rethink how to go about it. So while I was finishing off the last of the elements in the morning and was preparing for product broadcasting in the next two days, I was staring at them, thinking, “These guys… look like cakes.”

In the back of my head, the thought of “sweets!” were already in works and I was gently reminded of a good memory during my Thesis Deliberation with one of the professors (and the aftermath you can read here, here and here!). She said, “why don’t you use Mocha or Chocolates or other tasty terms in your teasers?” I didn’t think of it until she mentioned it.

So while I was at making my graphic designs especially for this batch, a Eureka!-moment happened in the evening: Why don’t I name you guys sweets for real!, was what my already excited head was telling me. So I did. And I was sniggering over Charcoalate because, really, punny Jiandra is creatively punny when she gets excited over the things she enjoys a lot.

(Told my older sister quickly about the pun name… and I was sobbing in delight at how cheeky it could get.)

I’m quite pleased with the outcome. I’m more excited for more bags to come as well in a much more… reliable pacing.

Though… just right now I’m really considering hiring assistants because some tasks are just hard to keep track of. Having multiple social media account for M’Lady plus making sure all these are updated are giving me a hot brain. *rubs temple* If only I could just handle bag designing and production. If the other technical stuff, accounting, social media and photo shoots are taken care of by another, it’d be a wonderful load off my hands.

I’m getting there, I’m getting there. *puddle goo* At least, for now, I’m just glad I have these sweet lot.


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