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M’Lady: Batch 04 (Biscuit Bags) + Model Shoot

M’Lady, For the Modern Princess

Batch 04: July 2015 – Biscuit

Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 5 (bag handle not included)
Compartment count: 4

Other details:
– non-detachable shoulder strap
– golden hardware
– zipper compartments are found inside and the back side of the bag
– Proudly Made in Marikina!
– comes with a detachable cute leather ribbon!

First Order Form Received, First Served Basis.
Shipping fee excluded.

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Ah, biscuits. The conception of  the idea was thinking of a way using the center area since I didn’t want this new one looking like the previous. I had a bad case of artistic block at the middle of working — none seemed to fall into place how I wanted it. That morning when I was doing this I had to drop everything and take quiet rainy stroll to the market. My head was fuzzy with no artistic kicks at all.

I resumed work and by nightfall the Biscuit Bags were born. And I truly fancy the scallop placement a lot! And this one’s here rooms the most essential of essential — I also dub it as an “event bag.” It could carry important items and still look small and cute as hell. //happy wagging tail

Once more, naming bags after flavors and food just because I could. Myehehehe!

Days before The Biscuits, me and my usual rabbit model – a M’Lady Muse! – did a quick shoot below Rainbow Street using a Red Velvet Cake bag (blogged about it too!). If it didn’t rain so hard earlier we could have done more shots. But, ah, an OOTD approach was initially the concept of this photoshoot after all. And time was limited as well.

Additionally, Muse Lanivi wore a handcrafted leather necklace I made a month ago. The idea was using other pendants with leathers and not just heartrings. Lanivi liked it a lot so as thanks to her assistance I gave it to her.

From DSS’ FB Page: A white based collar with ribbon pendants and a gothic thigh garter. The garter is centered by a heartring, decorated with silver chains, mini crosses and rivets.
Nearby the Barangay Hall is a nice walkway with a tall fence stretching to a big private school. If I played my timing right, the setting sun would recreate dramatic lighting during the golden hour, casting shadows and warm shine over a princess who is on the go on the streets.

…at least that was what I wanted. Buuuuut it rained. ( ̄□ ̄;)  *laughs* Sometimes, things just go a different direction altogether.

On the next series of photoshoots I’m aiming for a Lolita/Hime Kaji approach — a real spot on Japanese street fashion showcasing my bags.

While I do mostly are causal street wears and the like, this time I’d want to see how the bags are with Sweet/Classic/Hime/Casual Lolita coordinates and Gyaru ones. A full-on wardrobing shiz! I’ve yet to coordinate with certain individuals in mind… but if ever you know anyone (or even you, kind reader!) who is interested with an X-deal photoshoot somewhere in Marikina City and Quezon City, hit me up with a message!

Onto the next blogging segment: product shooting with a snippet of set-designing again!



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