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Sweet and Gothic Set Designs

Trinket-grabbing on a quiet Sunday. I had a spark of creativity and decidedly did a product shooting using M’Lady’s bags and my treasured “props.” I realized I haven’t done this approach for a long time now since I stopped using this set up for Dark~Sweet~Soul.

While I enjoy doing these set designing (and I mean a whole lot than I let on), it’s more taxing to recreate the set up only to dismantle and return them after a few hours. *awkward laugh* I really can’t wait to finally work at my atelier where I wouldn’t need to return everything I used just to keep the area clean from hazardous knick-knacks. Our little furry buddies – cats and dogs – might choke on small materials, I’d feel bad if that were to happen!

Most of props are ornaments inside the home — the fancy table cloth and table runner. Fancy box-book and desk clock from America. The Gregg Shorthand Writing book was my late mother’s; I think she wanted to learn it back then. When I first saw it I was fascinated with the strokes and thought, “you look pretty! I must use you!”

The additional acquisition – a bone skull of a, uhm, I’m not sure what animal it was – was from my Grandma. I loved it a lot the moment I got it! It also reminded me the time I saw a human skull prop in California and hesitated on buying. And now I regret it tons! *laughs* Such is the struggle of an indecisive Gemini. Next time I see stuff (that is not available locally), I buy stuff (that is not available locally). Ahahaha~

I’ve been expressing my huge interest on chic and vintage objects — big and small — to my Dad since we share the same interest and to the Bananas ever since I could remember. Like, I wish I attended flea markets more during my US stay and brought home trinkets of the oddest yet most aesthetic kind.

New cover photo at M’Lady’s Facebook page!

Even surplus shops and Ukay-Ukay I tend to scour through hand-me-downs and second-handed stuff since they are so much fun to look at and have and use for shoots like these.

Decorating my atelier with these kind of ornaments, I can’t wait how it’d look like!

Folding table, tall chair and illustration board inside the lanai at 12NN. The timing is good when light is reflected on white tiles to have a brighter look on the setup.
Rearranged setup with the additional placement of skull plus black lace to compliment with black subjects.

Sometimes I reconsider offering photography services in Product Shooting. Advertising Photography, perhaps? Whether it’d be food, small accessories for small and starting shops and the like. I’d go over to where the client and their “items” be and shoot for their, say, online catalog or menu for an X-deal (or monetary, sure.) business. I’ve been doing these shoots since I started business – as early 2008 – and I think I have a pretty damn good eye for presentation, subject placement, visual harmony and composition.

And I like shooting food a loooooot. Tee hee!

I think I started out like this far earlier than I did with Portraits and Landscape and Still Life. Hnngh. Photography, how are you so much fun.

I’m still reconsidering it though. Other than private photoshoots with models, I never once tried shooting for another shops’ items other than my own. I might have the jitters like always…!

ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛

Filler posts in a single day since I wasn’t able to record any OOTM for July. And no Marikina City-related post too. I’mma so sad! .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.


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