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Cyberzone Cosplay Craze Kawaii Fashion Show

Something to look forward this weekend is the free-for-all event hosted by Cosplay.PH and Cosplay Mania: the Cyberzone Cosplay Craze! A two-day spectacle of cosplay-related activities such as photo contest, building challenges, cyber Sumo-ing, the ultimate cosplay face-off and a Japan Streetwear fashion show. Packed with exciting games and special performances, the Cyberzone Cosplay Craze will be happening at one of the busiest and most populated malls in the metro — at SM City North EDSA!

The highlighted Sunday-segment of the upcoming convention is the Kawaii Fashion Show. It will be showcasing the clothing designs of the talented Catherine Janelle and accessories of trusted online shop Vogue Royal Cosplay.

Additionally, it will be the first time local brands Dark~Sweet~Soul and M’Lady (by yours truly!) joining the runway.

I’m most delighted to be part of the Kawaii Fashion Show, much more that Catherine-san personally sought my personally designed and crafted leather accessories. The wonderful news doesn’t stop right there: M’Lady will also be debuting her third series of bag designs which are limited in stock and colors.

The fashion show will be real tasty eye candy treats for attending enthusiasts who are into Kawaii fashion and Japanese-inspired street fashion wears. The doll-like experience starts at 3pm on Sunday, the 23rd.

So don’t miss out this fun and colorful August-ender event — it’s definitely open for all!

Shared over M’Lady’s FB page, I’m also including a preview of a few Dark~Sweet~Soul accessories joining Catherine-san’s wardrobes. I can’t wait how these little ones do their thang!

The Please-Notice-Me-Princess! reaction my bags are doing are kind of… *laughs* What are you doing, you guuuuuuise~

By the end of the evening, I crafted a new Heartring Collar which I think incorporates both my DSS and ML shops. *laughs* I find it simple in design but I figured it’d have to be if I want to wear it as an everyday addition to my coordinates.

Let’s see how you’ll fare, o’ ‘lil one! Aaaand see y’all on Sunday! I’ll hafta make sure to take lots of photographs. With all the whirlwind happening during events, I tend to really forget taking snaps! Ack!


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