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The Kawaii Fashion Show Report

In case you missed what went down last Sunday, it was an event of eating, sumoing, game-guessing and strutting down the runway!

(Theeeeere is a sad injustice in the photos. My cellphone camera makes me crrrry. So, yeah, pay no mind the quality.)

The colorful, dolly-like and interesting spectacle that was the Kawaii Fashion Show showcased the ideas and visions of local designer and an artist herself, Catherine Janelle. Shironuri, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita (of Japan’s street fashion and lifestyle) were some of the inspirations behind the dresses. Another of her design was a localized approach in which Barong clothing over a cute dress was used. Kawaii fabric prints were utilized as well.

In a stage dramatization in which Dolls in display mechanically moved when one Doll walked down the aisle and returned, Catherine ended the show with casting “life” on each Dolls thus making them “alive” after. It was all sorts of cool, I honestly think. ❤

After the fashion show was a short interview with the designer.

Catherine expressed that colors are not her strongest suits as she worked comfortably with monochromes of blacks and whites. Despite that, she challenged herself to come up with coordinates that were aesthetically interesting and harmonious. She also expressed her intention for the dresses to be something worn to work — that anyone and everyone can do Shironuri, Lolita or Dolly with a sizzled down approach.

As a designer who is greatly inspired by Japan’s animation, game and manga, fashion and culture, Catherine has a lot more in stored for curious watchers and budding fans. Come follow the works of Catherine through her Facebook (the shop, her cosplay page) and Tumblr!

Alongside with Catherine’s self-designed clothes were accessories from local shops as well. Vogue Royal Cosplay – one of the cosplay communities’ active hobby shops – sponsored the following: Wigs, Shoes, Socks and Dresses.  VRC began selling their products, which are hassle-free to get, just a few years back and they are mostly present in cosplay events. VRC has their own physical shop at Quezon City and on-hand stocks of cosplay-related paraphernalia are readily available for anyone dropping by. Their friendly staffs await you to their booth and shop. Find Vogue Royal Cosplay here: Facebook.

Dark~Sweet~Soul Leather Accessories and M’Lady Sweet and Cute Bags joined the runway as well. DSS specializes in handcrafted leather works of Gothic, Punk and Rock. Created last 2008, DSS has been selling more than a hundred pieces of authentic works which are not mass-produced in nature. Bondage Fashion, Visual Kei, J-Rock, Pastel Goth and Steampunk are the additional inspirations behind this brand. M’Lady, on the other hand, produces noticeably cute bags for “modern princesses out there.” Upright, shapely and noticeably decorated with bows and scallop edging, ML is proudly made in Marikina City and has begun accepting both local and international orders. Find Dark~Sweet~Soul and M’Lady here: DSS Facebook, Tumblr, Storenvy. ML Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram.

The event was brought to you by Cosplay.PH and the team behind Cosplay Mania. For fashionable and kawaii clothing and styling, the upcoming Cosplay Mania 2015 at the SMX Convention Center will definitely have plenty of those and many, many more!

Photos below are by Sir Kiko Francisco and you can catch more of his events/cosplay/gaming photographies at his website: Might I add that Sir Kiko does photoshoots as well so if you fancy his style, do book him for his services. This pal is friendly!

Catch you on October 3-4, 2015 at the biggest, yearly anime, manga and gaming event: Cosplay Mania 2015! Event details here.

I’m happy for Catherine-san. I truly am! And I’m also grateful to her for letting my DSS and ML join the runway. It was a heartwarming feat, to see a few of your works on stage for the first time. While I never consider a fashion show in my life, I was moved by the before and after responses. Thank you for your interest in Dark~Sweet~Soul and M’Lady! I will continue on producing even more creative wearables. //red face

Thank you once more, Catherine-san! Let’s collaborate soon!

I’m also thankful to my partners in crime – my ML Muses who joined me to witness the fashion show. I felt even proud-er (haha!) that they excitedly partake in Yoshinoya’s Eating Challenge. Off the bucketlist when you watch your buddies eat in pressure… but for free! *laughs*

To Kuya Jay and Ate Darlene and the loving and supportive Javier family, thank you for coming with me!


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