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DAISO Japan Now at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Omedetou, DAISO Japan! Just last Friday – the 28th – Daiso Japan opened their 42nd store at one of the most visited malls in Mandaluyong — Shangri-La Plaza Mall!

Do not be intimidated with the high-endiness of Shangri-La as DAISO Japan retains its popular price — the lucky 88 — and it extends its handy goods and products to anyone visiting the mall or are coming from MRT Shaw Boulevard.

What awaited first timers of Daiso Japan were hundreds of economical products plus the friendly smiles of staff and the cute promo gal Sloveene!

Invited by the very sweet and accommodating Ms. Melanie, I arrived at their store to witness a great count of curious buyers and avid fans altogether shopping inside. The fun doubled with a cup of Matcha Ice Cream served free for patrons. Aisle per aisle were push carts roaming around, filled with goods that is very affordable to anyone and everyone of different ages and walks in life.

The supposed Bloggers Event that would engage fellow bloggers among themselves and share insights was not pushed through due to the amount of people inside the store. It was a great sign of a “welcomey sucess!” despite the change in plans.

The store is situated at a good foot traffic location; it is easily locate-able from Shaw MRT Station. Just  go through the platform exit and there it is! I took my time walking about, watching folks and stuff then decidedly skimmed through the displays to photograph new products to share with you guys. I’m a huge Daiso Japan myself and I constantly visit Il Centro’s branch at least once in every two weeks.

I keep a close eye on new products so I took it upon myself to record the items I saw at Shangri-La branch. And they happen to be the kawaiiest things ever!

Recommended by Ms. Melanie! Tasty Nori Sheet snacks!
Kawaii Bunny Spoon and Fork for your little ones!
A Popcorn Memo! It is hella adorable!
Silicon Egg Holder for your egg-boiling convenience!
Adorable Heart-shaped Ice Cube. Good idea for kawaii cafes!
Hilariously big Correction Tape for hardworking office/student folks!

Come visit Daiso Japan at Shangri-La Plaza Mall and have your closest-to-Japan experience with their smart, economical, cute and varying home goods and lifestyle items!

More photos from the opening event down below!

Catch you soon at the next Blogger Event hosted by Daiso Japan! Thank you again for inviting me to document you! Arigato gozaimasu! Otsukaresama!

You can read my previous posts (and see more photographs!) about Daiso Japan here: Kris Kringle Blogger Event and Reasons Why Daiso Japan Is Awesome!


2 thoughts on “DAISO Japan Now at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

    1. Hello, Laila~

      Unfortunately I’m not too very sure about the soft clay being available at the Shangri-La branch. I do suggest to inquire DAISO via email, phone or PM via FB in regards to it.

      Hope you’ll find your clays!

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