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The Big Stash of Marikina Food Adventures

Greetings from a little trotting gal with an appetite! Trudge carefully but surely towards an adventure with gastronomic proportions. While this is only  the tip of the iceberg because – seriously – there are too many food cafes and restaurants here but too little time (sometimes…!), this trotting gal is unstoppable to seek, discover and experience all the Marikina City Food there is!

I take you to a very short but appetizing moment to introduce (and possibly tickle your tummy) to cafes and restaurants you probably haven’t heard of or tried. I, myself, have bouts of curiosity on what to expect on new ones emerging here in the Shoe Capital. I love it more when I experience these with my good buddies.

I’m the quiet type who just pops into doors, take in the ambiance of the overall establishments, watch and observe waiters and servers, eye on minuet detailing, witness and admire food presentations and taste the food at my own pace. I’m no professional critic myself — I’m just a hobbyist with a huge appetite (that I need to control sometimes, hehehe!) and I love services that go beyond expectations.

Without further ado, here’s your stash of food and more to have you preparing for your next “to-visit” restaurants and cafes here in Marikina City!

In no particular order:

Grill Grub
Address: #73 Unit 01 Bennt 2, Lilac Street, Marikina City

The awesome thing about it: Being surrounded by retro and vintage prints and ads and western comic characters. The display of collectible toys (like that of Neon Genesis Evangelion and old-school Animes) delighted me, adding that their best seller grilled menu was off the hook. Service is great — a very mindful server made sure we were attended at best. This is a return-to and a must-try if you haven’t.

Mogu Tree Noodle House
Address: #60E Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, Marikina City

The awesome thing about it: The way noodles are prepared! If you are beginner like myself who fumbled around choosing over toppings and toppings and toppings, you’d be amazed next on how big the servings are. No wonder so much of people eating at Mogu Tree — the affordable price is more than what the tummy could take it. I couldn’t finish a big bowl of steaming goodness buuuuut that’s not exactly a bad thing, yeah? *laughs*

Despite the bare setting, their noodles are everything but.

Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound
Address: #22 Bronze Street, SSS Village, Marikina City

The awesome thing about it: Their really, really tasty Off-The-Bone menu. Spicy for those with hot tongues and would like to challenge this saucy pork. Slightly pricey but serving is good.

Pink Chiffon Cakes and Cupcakes
Address: #49B Lilac Street, Marikina City

The awesome thing about it: Other than really cute cupcake versions of their cakes, their interior of pinks and prints was eye-candy. I love it! From the chosen tables and chairs, wallpapers and little ceiling decorations to their decorative packaging take-outs and not-too-crowding space, this one’s a relaxing to go to after lunch or dinner. A must-return-to since I’ve yet to try their non-dessert meals of pastas!

My foodie adventures aren’t without my family and friends who share the same curiosity as I do. Thanks for always sticking to my whimsical willfullness, Che, Meia, Joe and Kuya Jay! Aheh!

I’m already eying a few newly opened food places (that is, once again, near my home! All the yeeees!) and I can’t wait to do a next batch of food photography and restaurant reports to share to the curious, hungry lot.

Let’s go! Let’s eat!

EDIT 2015/11/10: The Big Stash part two is posted right here!


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