The Big Stash of Marikina Food Adventures II

And we’re onto the second part already? Heck yes! A much overdue food post of new places across the Shoe Capital is finally up and live for your appetitical pleasure (wth are you doing, Jiandra ahahahha!). I admit to holding on to these shots for almost a month or so and for being late in the monthly-game posting. With other important commitments here and there, I only had a spare time this week (and only the universe knows until the next post!). Ah, busy busy~ Isogashii, ne?

Nonetheless, feast up and feast on with this trotting gal alongside with her famiglia and buddies at the growing Food Capital — the second time around, that is. *laughs*

Sano Ramen is a real humble place with a very short menu, decorated pleasantly with an interior designing that is akin to that of the izakayas of Japan. What I honestly liked about Sano Ramen is how open the kitchen area to its diners; an intimate encounter to the magic and craft of ramen-making. What’s more: it’s too close to home, it’s just 2-3 minute walk. Oh, the temptations!

I tried conversing with the restaurant’s cook – a Japanese – with my basic nihongo skills and I found out that their ramen noodles are exported directly from Japan! Kakkoii!

Sano Ramen
Address: #88 General Ordonez St. corner Lakandula St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11AM – 3PM and 5PM – 11PM

What do you get with mixing retro elements and hot wings and burgers? A Manila Wings diner, of course! Step right into vintage Filipino finds and interesting movie posters from the past and present. It is coupled with deliciously-fresh handmade sandwiches, french fries, signature wings and more, from their huge roster of a menu that delight both the tummy and wallet.

Manila Wing stands at the somewhat hilly place of Lilac Street and is always a good choice of a food joint for the family and barkada. I do recommend their milkshake menu because, boy, they are addicting! *nomnom*

Manila Wings
Address: #44 Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights Concepcion 2, Marikina City

GRISSINI Ristorante, with its contemporary interior that houses both walk-ins and for reservations, is a fresh of breath air here in Marikina City. The place is away from the common roads of PUJs and PUVs but welcomes all those who love the healthy taste and zesty twists of Italian food. Not only they serve main dishes but they have a variety of breads and sweet baked goods of cakes and macaroons (oh, rhyming!).

GRISSINI is a fabulous place to gather up the loved ones for a long, good eating over pastas, salads, soups and pizzas!

GRISSINI Ristorante
Address: L3 B4 Mayor Gil Fernando Ave., Centro Buenviaje, Sto. Nino, Marikina City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11AM – 11PM

And the list goes on and on and I hope I get to visit and record more of Marikina City’s emerging food places before 2015 ends! There’s only like, a month and some weeks to go until 2016! Let’s go and let’s eat!

EDIT 2015/11/10: The first Big Stash is posted here!


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