A Beaute-ful Discovery

Ah, yes. Finally, a brand suited especially for my oily and (and overly) sensitive skin! This wonderful discovery out of curiosity of Sooper Beaute has nothing but the good stuff for my once-troubled skin condition. Do allow me to run you through a personal story, how I came to be a satisfied Sooper Beaute junkie within just a half year.

And it all started with cute packaging and the word “organic.”


Just when I was about to switch to a more expensive regimen for my skin, Sooper Beaute came in like a wrecking ball like sweet and tasty candies — a lot to choose from, terrific packaging and in prices that are more than affordable!

I encountered Sooper Beaute at Empire Fashion Cafe, last June of this year, while sporting a terrible breakout because of a regimen kit purchase from an online store. As any gal with erratic hormones would understand how troublesome and confidence-breaking hormonal acne (with blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and pustules) are, it was doubled when I had a severe negative reaction towards the kit I used. This started last May and it was an entire month of wearing medical mask just to be able to go out in public. The feeling was devastating, all the more than I have been battling pimples and acne for a decade and more. Believe me when I say I tried everything – medication, orals, topical, derma-visits… the whole nine yards.

Even using Beauche to “cancel out” what I used previously didn’t do the job. It once did, yes, but the maintenance wasn’t enough. It didn’t seem to work no more, I thought. The magic was gone. I figured that I needed to switch to a healthier practice to combat my already angry skin condition.

(I could really write a lengthy post about losing confidence because of a pimples and acne but I’ll save that for another personal post. Aheh!)

Then came a quiet evening visit at Empire with my Rabbit when I saw and awed at the colorful bottles, tubs, creams and soaps of a certain brand. Sooper Beaute, it said. And I had a short inner struggle to try or not to since my last encounter with “organic” left me peppered with acne all over my face and neck. I was skeptic! (But I still like organic stuff — I was an indecisive Gemini again ahahaha~)

I decided to give it a whirl (after weeks of visiting and revisiting Empire), the Tomato Serum, since I read somewhere that tomato helps to lessen inflammation. It was a first and certainly not the last of my buying. From then on I gradually dropped my previous skin-practice to switch to Sooper Beaute. Lo and behold I’m happier and satisfied than ever!

I purchased the following as well, in no particular order, for reasons and purpose as stated. Rating shared as well, with ✿✿✿✿✿ as a full score.

Images are from Sooper Beaute’s Facebook Page.

A. Pore Minimizing Serum (primer, daytime)
Price: 270PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿✿
– mattifying it did but as much as minimizing the visible pores is concern, it did so little. I like this as my primer as my foundation or press powder looks smoother and neater with it. It leaves a slight stiff feeling on the applied skin but it isn’t bothersome.

B. 8-in-1 Divine Soap (cleanser, daytime and nighttime)
Price: 150PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿✿✿
– this soap has been gentle and lives up to its 8 skin benefits. After using it as a face cleanser, I feel like all makeup and dirt have been thoroughly removed.

C. Skin Perfecting Night Tonic (toner, nighttime)
Price: 250PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿✿
– I didn’t have toner until I decided on this one. True enough it reduces my acne and prevents future ones on my chin and the sides of my face. Smells like candy!

D. Pimple Away Night Cream (special maintenance, nighttime)
Price: 250PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿✿✿
– this one’s a keeper. Whenever I have a visible, angry bump, I apply this one directly to soothe inflammation. When I woke up the next day, the pimple have noticeably calmed down.

E. Cell Renewal Cream (exfoliate, nighttime)
Price: 340PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿✿✿
– another keeper. As an exfoliator it leaves a stingy and discomfort feel when applied (the item detail did say). But a softer and smoother skin after a night’s sleep are the result. At first I thought it didn’t work and didn’t use as much during stressful days. When I decided to give it a try once more, I woke up to re-energized, stress-no-more face. Plus the my face’s texture improved too!

F. Pinkish Skin Lotion (moisturizer, daytime)
Price: 380PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿
– I needed a moisturizer with SPF as I sometimes get exposed to the sun due to work. I gave this one a try but the additional “lightness” on my face didn’t seem flattering and natural. I wish it was non-sticky after application. I might have to change to another. Perhaps this one is suited for fairer skin.

G. Skin Saving Salve (body maintenance)
Price: 380PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿
– the product mentions about fixing discoloration of certain body areas and smoothens stretchmarks but it doesn’t seem to work on me. It does, however, help for skin chafing.

H. Tomato Serum (maintenance, nighttime)
Price: 280PHP
Rating: ✿✿✿✿✿
– the thing that started it all! Everything that helped with battling inflammation is this little guy. Plus, when stored inside the fridge and used before sleep, I like the cool feeling it gives off.

Other buys not made by me but by my older sister who kind of enjoyed Sooper Beaute as well after she saw the positive results on me. I did use them but not as habitual as the ones listed above.

I. Hydrating Gel
Price: 260PHP

J. Skin Beautifying Day Tonic
Price: 250PHP

There are a lot more to try over at Sooper Beaute — so much more than I’ll feel bad choosing not to purchase my previous ones just to give way to new products. I’ve been hoarding like a dragon with her gold for the past five months and I have no regrets thus far. What can I say? Sooper Beaute’s stall is nearby, almost all their products are budget friendly, addicting and nothing short of natural and healthy (without all the complicated and harsh ingredients from commercially made products) to my real oily and sensitive skin.

I plan to buy oils next. And, oh, lippies since they seem good too! I’ll also add another soap, along with the current one I’m using.

If ever you’ve tried everything (like I did!) except this brand, give it a shot. Sooper Beaute is available at popular stores across the Metro and does a lot of sales and bundles and promos. Come find them on Facebook or Instagram to purchase online as well. Word of advise: do not be intimidated with their huge selection of items! Do read the details and see if they fit for your skin type. Inquire if needed — because I did too!

As of currently I’m only having fits of acne during monthly womanly problems (as all hormonal acne do occur, drat!) and hyper-pigmentation and scars here and there. Them pimples are so much tolerable than before as I didn’t feel the awful bed resting when my face hits the pillow. Ah, improvements improvements~

Thank you, Sooper Beaute!

I’ll make a separate post of Befores and Afters of an acnefied face. It’s a tender issue of mine, lasting more than ten years suffering from it. And only my family and good buddies witnessed the bouts and breakdowns I felt because of it. Its lasting effect still chasing me by the heels until this day.

I’m deciding on sharing soon as I feel that I need to extend a hand to those who suffered – is suffering – like I did, like I do. And to let them know they aren’t alone. *folds like Makahiya plant* Courage, where art thou.


10 thoughts on “A Beaute-ful Discovery

    1. Hi, Az! I might have to suggest the Tomato Serum pa din. My sibling has dry skin and she uses the Tomato Serum. If it also helps, the Hydrating Gel can also be a night moisturizer.

      For a cool and refreshing after-application, store the serum/gel inside the fridge at all times and use only before going to sleep. It feels realllllly great!

  1. Hi Jiandra! Have you tried their Love Plant Oil and Cell Renewal Cream? Now ko lang kase sila ita-try. Sadly, I can’t find a review of the Love Plant Oil. 😦 I want to get rid of my pimple scars kase. Hehe. TIA!

    1. Hello, Chacha~
      I could vouch for the Cell Renewal Cream (in tube, that is) that it works wonderfully on my skin. A next-day effect when my skin feels supple and refreshed. As mentioned previously, it’d feel stingy when applied on skin.

      As for pimple scars, I use the Rosehip Oil. I think it kinda works? Albeit slow. I hope this helps!

  2. Hi! Great review. Can i ask ano po mas ok na serum for oily/combination skin po, my face is a bit aging idk saggy un skin bandang eyes. 😦 im planing to buy hydrating gel, pero prang like ko dn un tomato serum waa. What do u think?

    1. Hello! I think mas suitable po sa inyo is ung Tomato Serum. I have Oily/Combi skin too and when I did use po ung Hydrating Gel, mas nag-oil po ako within the day.

      I think oils would help a lot more po with your aging sentiments. Though I cannot be particular which oil po. Since all I ever been using from Sooper Beaute is ung Rosehip Oil po nila. ^^ it lessened po ung lines sa lips ko po! > v<)

  3. Hi! Does Skin Saving Salve also help in whitening the underarms? That’s kind of my problem eh. Hope you’ll reply. & I super love your review. Very informative. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi, Lala~ I don’t think the Skin Saving Salve works as a whitener. 🙂 The Skin Brightening Cream (from them as well!) might do the trick!

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