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Outfits and Year-Ender Summary

A pleasant New Year’s Eve to my readers and to the new folks who find amusement at what I do (or get myself into, ahahaha!). Allow me to stuff all that occurred within a span of twelve months… and the extra in between. Starting with styyyyle~

I missed a truckload of OOTM posts. I’ve been quite neglectful to record… but never to dress up when I could! My styling is somewhat shifting towards the “easier to put on” but still kawaii to look at. Though sporting thigh high socks is still a must-do for me once in a while, I somehow look forward to a change in styling and wearing heels now (while still using Creepers too!).

Here forth were outfits I donned for the past six months… and eye makeup that I grew to love recently. Additionally I changed hair color… again! *laughs*

January to May 2015 was kind of my, uh, bad months of Acne and Breakout so I kinda wore face masks. But thanks to the new brand of skin care (that I previously blogged about), my face improved like woah.


Naturally I couldn’t sit still at the thought of just plain black tresses. I couldn’t! And I waited practically eleven months to finally bleach the heck out of it. I thought I wanted to go forest green (for once) or cotton candy pink (I seriously considered!) but I didn’t. So after bleaching (and maintaining it until now as it is), for a while I called my hair the Hinata Shoyo hair. Until the latter part of the year, it went from Biscuit Blonde to Soft Butters.

untitled-3_zps7xq40dc3untitled-4_zps4koxoov7untitled-5_zpshnoudr0bMake up-wise, I ventured to the whole gradient Dolly Lips but figured that a full colored lip suited me better. I still feel iffy with this full lips of mine but I figured to embrace it now than shy away from it. *chuckles*

I’m switching eyelining techniques as well. Lately I’ve been doing this fish-tail thing just below my lower lashes and I’m really digging the look so far. And because I’m using Rosehip Oil for my eyelashes I’ve been skipping the mascara step because, ohwowers, this oil works wonder for my lashes!

I also did a “dubsmashing” (as Che called it to my “lipsyncing”) thing attempt for the first time in my life. I suddenly thought, mmmm, maybe I can “sing” to Japanese tracks too!

My M’Lady has kicked off quite wonderfully this year too! It picked up a nice pace and audience, quite so that I was able to be a part of a big convention and fashion show  last months ago.

Me to my bags: YOO GAAAIZ~

Honestly I cannot let go of M’Lady. I must have mentioned this over and over to important folks in my life (and here too): that I feel like M’Lady has so much potential. While I have my own bouts of fears and insecurity towards this line of business, I’m still holding on at the thought of this one growing big and beyond. I’ll do my best, twice (no, THRICE!) as much as I did this 2015!

And to relax and restore my heart, I sometimes engaged with my usual pleasant hobby of Anime and BLs and found these titles so good for my soul. They made quite an impact on me and I’m so glad I watched them this year (because, seriously, why haven’t you, Jiandra?! LOLOLOLOL.)

Gundam 00 made me fall in love with EXIA and GN Particles. Hnngh. I’ve become a mecha-nut this year!


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was such an awesome Anime. No words to describe how vast the story and plot line turned into. I thought I wouldn’t get the hang of it with the first few episodes… until things went epically epic! *laughs*


And how is it that Shimizu Yuki-sensei has this power to cage the readers’ heart like thissssss. oTL Her ZE Manga which features a handful of pairs and their own stories of character developments, relationships and dark pasts twined so beautifully. (And, okay, seriously, illustrate them in a key image which separates the Tops and Bottoms, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE SENSEI. *fangirl puddle goo*)

The 2015 household wouldn’t be without the additional furry butts running about. While we started the year with two dogs (Rin and my Hiro) and a cat named Kisa, by the end of December (of the same year) we have two mommy cats – Sahi and Noya – and their offspring Orenji, Gyunyu and Miso. There are also an additional of five and four more from Sahi and Noya respectively so… there is an overpopulation of cats here at home. *sweatdrops*


Still, such a bundle of joys. You just gotta love these bunch!

Might I add that this year me and my family have been frequent visitors of certain food establishments here in Marikina City. This is a delightful shout out to them… and a special recc-list for everyjuan who wants to eat here in Marikina. Tee hee!

Ah, 2015. This year came and went by a flash I couldn’t even prepare myself to celebrate ending it to welcome another. It has been fruitful, it has been unpredictable… it was packed with stuff I couldn’t recall all detailed-ly (other than the ones above). I could have done more, I’d think: more work, more craft, more outputs and all. There is no use lamenting over it hours right before the Eve of 2016.

I could, however, rethink and re-plan better for another 365 days of chances. Everyday is a new day. I’ll be optimistic and steadfast towards the things I’m really passionate about.

(And this is to hoping to finally meet my Soulmate next year. Whoever they are.)

So Happy New Year again, folks! Thank you for sticking around to this carnival blog (and the many of my adventures)… and for the new faces I met and ones I had wonderful memories with. Catch you to another quest this 2016!



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