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Outfits of the Month: January ’16


OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post
and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month
here at Thingiemajingie.

As Kazutaka Muraki from Yami No Matsuei once said, “You think you’ve seen the last of me? Unlikely.” Because like Muraki, here I am, with another round of (or at least the attempt for) posting my wardrobes twelve times this year. Yaaaas, I’m back, ladies and gentlemen!

Allow me to begin with an “Occupational” shirt-dress I recently scored at one of the thrift shops here in Marikina City. It was hella cute. I had to grab it! And accompanied with my favorite Zettai Ryouki-touches. Really, who can say no to thigh-high socks? I know I wouldn’t. Ever. *laughs*

So… your new gardener is here! (Well, maybe. Ahahaha~)



  • Gardener Dress-Shirt-Dress: thrifted


  • Marsala Thigh High Socks: Divisoria
  • Platform Shoes: WEGO

Outfit Talk: Material is somewhat heavy, like the real jersey thing I’d say that. And long enough to be a dress shirt. Maybe I should go for more sporty coordinates for my “occupational styling” pursuits. *laughs*



  • Salmon Pink Top: thrifted


  • Thigh Garters (O-Ring and Heart-stud): Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Black Thigh High Socks: Divisoria
  • Shoes: WEGO
  • Sunglasses: Funky Fish

Outfit Talk: This particular top was a good deal for under P200.00. Made so well, good material and its structure and silhouette is too cute to resist (suits well for plump ladies like me). With that garterized puff sleeves and peter pan collar, it added for the Dolly Look, which in contrast I styled together with my favorite bondage garters. Who says you can’t pull off the not-so-innocent coordinate while donning a Dolly attire? A total tease!

(And yes, handmade garters is what I do best! I should add spikes too! *laughs*)



  • Off-Shoulder Top: Empire Fashion Cafe
  • Denim Skirt: thrifted


  • Fujoshi Pin: Fandom Oddity
  • Shoes: Parisian, SM

Outfit Talk: On days without them thigh high socks, I just go for the summer casual look of whites, denim and chunky heels. Che called it the Spanish Girl look and I think that was kinda cute. Ahahaha~And of course, I wouldn’t be without what I’m known for among my closest peers and friends…


…I’m a certified BL-fangirl, right next to my very shy heart. *laaaaughs* I’m a Fujoshi!

A very delightful trinket from Fandom Oddity (formerly known as Pretty Oddity), managed by two amazingly talented siblings (hi, Miss Nuni and Madam Lyra!). I could remember exactly where and why I bought this: I needed a BL thing on me! I reunited again with the said ladies last year during CosMania and I saw these statement pin buttons on their table. I HAD TO BUY ONE (AND FOUR MORE) IMMEDIATELY!

I was a happier fangirl ever since. *cackles* Thank you, Fandom Oddity!

Unfortunately my hairstyling technique (or the lack of it) leaves nothing to be desired. *kowtows* Except for recent discovery of using Monea’s Curl Defining Milk (introduced by my buddy Sheng and Meia). I have been twirling my hair like crazy. But, alas, so limited. I opt to watch hairstyling videos to give these blonde locks more character. Gah!

For the next month I plan to include torso harnesses and even more Zettai Ryouki among my outfits! Tee hee~! Let’s go, let’s go!


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