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50 Shades Manila x DSS


I’m pleased to share that the company behind the comically raunchy stage play – 50 Shades! The Musical Parody – had sought my Dark~Sweet~Soul for their actors’ accessories! In the span of two weeks, I crafted a handful ones worn by Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s “devil” minions.

Maronne approached me to commission for these lot and her instructions were easy to understand and to follow. So while I was on the process of making these, I had first thought I was doing for a *different* 50 Shades play… only to find out later it was the same parody play that was held at several countries before Manila. I got excited even more!

(posted below are WIPs only.)

My ever-supportive buddies – Chesca and Meia – were more than happy to drag me into watching the actual movie. “For inspiration!” as they would exclaim. Frankly I haven’t gotten around knowing the book (like my good buddy Lanivi) or even the movie at all. I was associated with it a few times before only because “bondage” accessories were the common denominator. After the movie and a couple of “OOOOOH’s,” I resumed to finish the remaining designs.


True to its event title, the play was nothing short of hilarious whilst being naughty. Not even a dull moment! The catchy melody with its racy lyrics and dancing? 50 Shades! The Musical Parody had me guffawing with beet-red cheeks. We can really have the good things in life after all! *laughs* Suggestiveness at its humorous nature.

As I do not wish to reveal (no pun intended) anything, just go and have your Grey fix by watching the parody at RCBC Plaza, Makati City this February through March 2016. Do not also forget to sign the binding contract! *laughs*


Thank you again, Maronne-kun and Vivre Fort Entertainment! And thank you, Sempai, for being there to watch the play with me~

50 Shades! The Musical Parody

Below are the other designs I crafted. They weren’t included in the play but I’d post them for portfolio reasons. And I always enjoy the whole “You Don’t Look Like You Do Bondage Accessory” remarks. Damn straight, I do. *ohohohoho’s away*

12575866_1091006844272484_1839644806_n_zpsywugds5r1 12576121_1087042538002248_526888856_n_zpsc5hs9nv21


I have another gig coming up – over at M’Lady, that is – and it’s gunna be sweet, together with a very talented Filipina!

Catch you later again!



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