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Outfits of the Month: March ’16


OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post
and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month
here at Thingiemajingie.

The start of summer has been a killer… with the amount of migraine I’m getting almost constantly. So I’m kinda considering switching outfit colors/fabrics temporarily just to adjust with the hot weather. I’m thinking of lots of cottons and linens and pastel colors, in contrast with my favorite blacks and maroons. Less socks and tights, definitely less long sleeves tops and layering…

…but noooooooo~ Once again I can’t help myself with loving Zettai Ryouiki AND long sleeves tops. Both are not fit for summer but, alas, here they are again, gracing my blog for a month’s worth. *laughs* Oh, cold weather, where art thooou.

And this, by far, the longest length I ever sported while being blonde. More to add to my Reasons-Why-Jiandra-Struggles-With-Summer. *puddle goo* I wanted to be blonde for my birthday month after all~



  • Off-White Crochet Vest – (thrift buy)


  • LOVE White Leather Collar – Dark~Sweet~Soul (handmade)
  • Sunglasses – Funky Fish (SM)

Outfit Talk: I like this collar a lot~ It was a last minute thing to add during a Saturday trot to the mall. And quite possibly the only summer-look for this batch of styling.

I’ve been a huge fan of beige and off-white that I constantly buy these colors when opportunity arises. Though I should experiment with OTHER colors… maybe. This attire was paired with grey ruffle socks with white-laced platform sneakers. Summer~ Summer~!



  • White Long Sleeve Zip Up Top – (bought from America)
  • Black Tights – (tiangge find)


  • Shoes – Parisian (SM)

Outfit Talk: aka my office outfit. And, seriously, I should buy more chunky heels for my feet and legs to last on. Like this one. In various colors. *laughs… awkwardly*



  • Black Cardigan, Crochet Tank Top, Black Shorts – (bought from America)


  • Shoes – Union Jack Creepers (thrift buy)
  • Marsala Thigh High Socks – (bought from America)
  • Sunglasses – Funky Fish (SM)

Outfit Talk: I couldn’t go wearing this WITHOUT a cardigan. The overall look is lightweight and I needed something to balance with my “heavy” creepers. I do consider this one of my default style since I’m both sporting thigh high socks, platform shoes and tops that I could remove piece by piece, depending on the weather.

And the hairstyle is what my Kuya would call, “Hiro!” because it reminded him of my little pooch’ ears that look like pigtails.



  • White Long Sleeve Zip Up Top – (bought from America)
  • Corporate-ish Skirt-Short – (thrift buy)


  • Laced Tights – (bought from America)
  • Black Shoes – Divided, H&M

Outfit Talk: Should I consider this another of my Occupational Outfittings? The get-up is kind of like a waitress’… which I liked a lot! It felt nostalgic as it reminded me of Dokisatten back in the days: wearing maid outfits and serving food. Oh, how delightful~

…and more so that I got these DIVIDED Shoes from H&M that was on sale… for only P300.00~! *lucky* And a leather skirt (of the same sale price) I’d wear another time. Tee hee!

Now one would wonder how it is that I keep my blonde curls… curled. Because I’m naturally wavy and it’d only take two things to keep my tresses behave the way they do: hair crab clips and a couple of hours in the morning.

No blow-dryer. No curling iron. Au naturale~ (except for my front fringes, that is. NOW THAT’S BLOW-DRYING EFFORT ahahaha!)

I remember back in the day that I’d stubbornly keep my hair straight and neat until I realized that such style – with no volume and character – was pretty boring and flat. So I embraced my wavy hair, together with my love for Gyaru style, and experimented with various approaches.

For a time I spent a good amount of effort just to get the curls right even if I was running late with errands. Suddenly it hit me, “I have no time curling you guys anymore!” So instead with controlled heat, I just twist my damp hair in a tight curl and keep them up with a clip until I reach the office. By lunch, after removing the clip, they are nicely coiled! I discovered this because I have one too many clips lying around… and I was really running late to work. *laughs* I gotta do what needs to be done! *cackles*

Lip-sync for the month is none other than Log Horizon’s ED song! Do allow me to entertain with Your Song~ *laughs* My next attempt is an old-school series that has mecha… and girls in it. Maybe.


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