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O’zine Fest Day 2 Snaps



Pretty much few for a snap post, yeah? But I was delighted to shoot my HQ!! buddies and thought how lovely it’d be if they were shared here too (aside from at my FB). Allow me to give you a quick what-went-down during last Sunday’s event: a mix of good and not-so remarks:

  • Event proper was at the second floor of SMX. Got confused with the ticket line since it was “kinda” barricaded with no evident signage (I thought I was at the side of reentry and the real entry was on the other side).
  • I actually liked the system wherein one side of the elevator goes down and the opposite elevator goes up — it was easier to beeline congoers that way (in my opinion).
  • Very spacious event area. Too spacious actually? Groups of visitors and cosplayers had the freedom to seat and rest anywhere. Booths were sufficient since it catered to various needs: fandom, cosmetic, arts and collectibles. I do have to note that since it was too a spacious area, the distance between the Artist Alley and Exhibitor was noticeably wide.
  • Stage area had no chairs. It was a first for me to witness such a thing. I thought perhaps that congoers enjoy their sitting and still had a view, it didn’t matter much. The food stalls were rather dissatisfying since it only offered a handful of variants.
  • I was delighted with the Yu Yu Hakusho’s Antagonist cosplay — Team Taguro! How can anyone not be impressed with childhood cosplays? *laughs*

The highlight of my O’zine experience was this Haikyuu shoot, done quickly and ninja-ily at an unpopulated floor. It had been a while since I did some cosplay shoot; with emergence of hobby events happening almost every month, the number attendees also took a toll. And it had been so hard to shoot at public places with clutters everywhere with less-than-desirable lighting. *sentiments sentiments* Still, my friends and I took this opportunity!

I couldn’t achieve this pop of contrast in colors without the help of Kuya Kiko who guided me using remote flash — a first for me! *laaaughs* I was never a fan of flash until I tried this one out and admittedly some shots are better with really, really good and sufficient lighting. And my pals were quick to take on directions as well. (If there’s anything I enjoy doing in photography, other being the one behind the lens: directing poses and expressions!)

There’s a lot more to improve and practice on, yes. Let’s go and have a try again!

And, oh, an obligatory sunset photo as seen from the extension bridge: the view was breathtaking, I just had to capture it!


And hooray of Haikyuu! ❤ *fangirling*


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