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Outfits of the Month: April ’16 + more


OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post
and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month
here at Thingiemajingie.

April just got even hotter. Literally.

This combination of heat and humidity (scoring at about 40 degrees Celsius) is enough to make anyone out and about cranking and moody. Oh, dear Summer: despite the wonderful opportunity for sleeveless tops, airy textiles and cute sandals to pair with even more cute bottoms, this hotness is way too melting (for us ladies’ makeups too!).

Still, I like my April. April meant new love for lipsticks. *laughs* True that! And I’ve been experimenting a few colors under a not-so-mainsteamed brand and so far – even if I feel iffy with new shades on me – I’m starting to venture into more looks. Aheh. Trying out may be the hardest first step to make  but you’ll never know if pink lipsticks actually suit you.

What do you know: it does!



Okay, onto the dresses! And mostly are whites for this summery month. I still can’t shake off not wearing white because of this sunny hair. And sunny weather too.



  • Pink Laced Cardigan: thirft
  • Beige Lace Top: thrift
  • Denim Skater Skirt: thrift


  • White Chunky Sandals – Parisian (SM)

Outfit Talk: As much as I’d like NOT to wear cardigans over my sleeveless tops (because, ugh, hot hot!), I sometimes feel weird revealing my arms. *conscious conscious*

I snagged all these coordinates to put up a style that is kind of like an Otome-kei which I love pulling off once in a while. Let’s do it again! Thrift-galore!



  • Zip-Up Long Sleeves Top: brought from America
  • Asymmetrical Leather Skirt – DIVIDED, H&M


  • Jack Union Creepers: thrift

Outfit Talk: This black skirt is like one of my favorite skirt so far — and all because I bought it on sale! And no humid weather would stop me from wanting to try out if pencil-cut-ish skirt would look okay for my plumpy figure-type.



  • Cute Rose-patterned Sheer Top: thrift


  • Round-Frame Sunglasses: online
  • Laced Platform Shoes – DIVIDED, H&M
  • Bag – M’Lady (my personal brand!)

Outfit Talk: I suppose this was the only time I did wear a summer outfit without all my ZR-tendencies. A Sunday-stroll outfit to battle the heat. And I love this top because, hell yes, beige color with roses and laces? Everything I want in top that is what, less than $2? I love thrifting!

Now here’s a little surprise from my own shop: a new (and never before released) design! And this one here is extra special because its Charcoalate counterpart is with another talented designer who I’m currently collaborating with. More details below~

And this bag fits the essential like my DSLR, wallet, sunglasses, smartphone and earphones and with compartments that fit my candies and other knick-knacks. I used this during my last event visiting. This bag – that I’ve yet to name a dessert (like always)  – will be available soon! Do look out for it!


Okay, so I had a shift in interest and now I’m onto looking for (and buying) lipsticks in set. I suddenly had a kick of WANT! after using my Rosehip Oil purchase on my lips and I just like how much my lips look so flawless and well-moistured. All that was left was to buy nice lippies.

But a piece of lipstick cost about $5 and above and I’m certainly a cheapskate. Until me and my buddies – Che and Meia – visited Sophie at Concepcion one day after work and discovered this set:

And they turned out creamier and long-lasting than I expected them to be. At first I was skeptic at those light pink ones since never in my life did I ever consider sporting them. I really don’t. Nope. But Che pointed the color was actually a-okay and she and Meia encouraged me to be more adventurous with other colors.

This Sophie lipstick set is designed small in size as testers and each have labels so the wearer would know which color they like the most. A set is PHP250 ($5++) and they are really handy!

Still, I think darker shades look better on me? Or I should describe it as mature-er? *laughs*


And oh yes, you read it right again:


Me and Cyril of Dolldelight are cooking up something and sweet and delightful for our princesses across the globe. While you wait for further announcement, how about you see and witness how the amazing and talented Cyril does her magic on her own-designed dresses and personal styling?

Discover Cyril and her brand Dolldelight at:


Catch ye guise, later!

P.S. May is my birthday month (and it kinda started on a bad foot)! Let’s hope May also means the weather would be kinder to us. *dodges flying tomatoes*


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