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Outfits of the Month: May ’16


OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post
and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month
here at Thingiemajingie.


Hello, birthday month! Salutations!

Around the end of the third week of May, me and my family were given the opportunity to travel once more to a favorite country. And I took this opportunity to wear and do there my usual monthly thang-post. I kinda took in consideration the would-be weather and temperature over at Osaka and thought wonderfully how it won’t be as troubling wearing layered clothing than it would be in hot-hot Manila.

Without further ado, I present to you a Beige-Weekend outfitting!



  • Beige Chiffon Shirt-Dress: thrift


  • Brown Thigh High Socks: (from America)
  • Black Leather Shoes: Divided, H&M
  • Hat: SM Accessories

Outfit Talk: this top’s structure and material is made for colder weather and I didn’t have any chance during Summer to wear this at all (despite buying this early April? *laughs*). I chose this particular outfit for my short frolicking at USJ. Super comfy!

And, oh, channeling my love for somewhat Hime-kei styling with a touch of Zettai Ryouiki. Tee hee!



  • Asymmetrical, Sleeveless Beige Dress: thrift
  • Off-White Cardigan: (from America)


  • Pink Scarf: (gift from Rani-rabbit and Papa Aaron)

Outfit Talk: another comfy outfit with a Mori-feel to it. I specifically put this together with the excuse to use this cute gift scarf. Ahehehe! And because we were particularly heading to a park with lotsa greens and deer, I thought looking a bit forest-girl-ish with a princessy-feel would be fitting. Layer on layer on laaayer!



  • School Girl Top: thrift
  • Black Denim Skirt: Hot Topic


  • Black Lace Tights: Nordstrom

Outfit Talk: a little dressing-down compared to the others. Osaka’s temperature gradually got warmer and I really just wanted to look like simpler than my other coordinates.

This top is actually a cheating-sort since the polo inside is “removable” and the vest can be worn—— wait, I’m not even going there! Ahahahaha!




  • Blue Off-Shoulder Top: (from Artisque Boutique @ Lilac)
  • Long Lace Skirt: GU (@ Shinsaibashi, Osaka)


  • Round Glasses: GU ( @ Shinsaibashi, Osaka)

Outfit Talk: this was what I wore during the 28th, on my birthday. Perhaps there were three instances that I was approached to be asked if I were a foreigner. *laughs*

The skirt was a personal pick when I visited GU (UNIQLO’s lower-priced sister-brand) and fell in love at first sight at it. Well, it’s going to be tricky wearing this now since the rainy season just started. *laughs awkwardly* Still, the skirt is really dressy and I love feeling extra hime-y with it!

This will probably the last hoorah for my blonde hair. I won’t correct the roots anymore and would let my real hair grow back. I did say that I wanted to be sunny blonde on my birthday and I want to change hair color to a darker shade after that.

…surely, Caramel/Milk tea hair color ain’t dark. *laaaughs* But I really want my hair to look “good enough to eat” next!

What did I wish for my birthday? I actually haven’t given a good thought on it. Maybe be blessed with more conviction and faith towards myself and my skills? Material-speaking, perhaps more filing/organizing contraptions. Lately I’ve been wishing for inner peace as well, for calming the storm in the heart.

I wish to learn and discover a lot more about myself and that I wouldn’t be afraid to take risks. *shies away* And that my heart would be taken with utmost care.


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