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Kink Karnival: Post-Musing


Held last Saturday of July at Pineapple Lab, Kink Karnival – the very first of Manila’s alternative entertainment of pain and pleasure – promised atypical yet mesmerizing sensual spectacle. The Curious, First-Timers, Practitioner and the likes gathered together to celebrate positivity towards the body, preferences, interests and sex. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, no one would bat an eyelash if you were to walk in with JUST tights, spandex, fishnets or leather on. At Kink Karnival, everyone was welcomed, fully clothed or almost naked, getting dominated or submitting, tying up or be the one tied up. Here, you are free!, as the Event beckoned its patrons.

Allow me to remind you, oh curious readers, that the post will henceforth be NSFW (written or graphically presented) so do kindly read at your own safe place. Let us protect delicate sensibilities of others.

Without further ado, onto my sexy musing during and the aftermath.

First thing’s first: everyone – and I mean everyone! – was polite and respectful towards another from start to finish. There were no crass remarks or unsolicited comments which would make one uncomfortable.  As a first timer for this kind of environment, I never felt more liberated (aside from anime conventions, yes. Aha~!) until now .

To take on a two-weeks challenge of crafting, I knew I just had to be at KK no matter what. Moreover the community that gathered for this convention was empowering and inspiring, I couldn’t contain not feeling grateful to be a part of it.


I just turned down one September event and was feeling bummed out about it. Coincidentally the invitation to kink around by Joyen-sama gave me a re-boost. I worked on my accessories like crazy! And did my own version of a Giveaway thing as well. Aaaand posted consistently at DSS’ FB page. *laaughs* See the excitement right there?

KK 2016 Giveaway copy

Still, honestly I had NO IDEA what was in stored for  this kind of event. Theatrical kink-themed convention? It was a first for me. I’ve had my fair share of joining “typical” bazaars/conventions which had a lot more of “what’s this necklace for?” and “Is this thing safe?” and the not-so-subtle “‘Di ba pang-aso ‘to?? Ahahaha!” queries and verbal notes towards DSS. I’ve long since removed feeling disheartened about it because, let’s face it, Dark~Sweet~Soul isn’t a normal fashion line. And I’m happier being different that way.

BUTT then KK came along! Ms. Ria and Joyen-sama were truly accommodating and it made me feel more inspired crafting the shit out of my stash before the Big Day. Because not only was I vendor, I also agreed to be part of the fashion show segment. And this time, without them snide remarks towards my leatherworks (like the ones I had in the past), I instead received joyful and enthusiasm exchanges from new clients, previous customers (who I finally met!) acquaintances and pals during the event.

Have I mentioned I seldom attend events as an exhibitor/merchant/seller/vendor? *laughs* Yeah, I kind of like do it once or twice a year. *dodges tomatoes*

+DSC_0173 copy
Untitled-1 copy

The most heartwarming interactions I had during KK were people who-I-thought-were-complete-strangers-were-actually-clients-of-DSS and that they’ve quietly (while others, overtly) followed my works since long ago. As much as I felt invisible all throughout the years I have handled DSS because of the “noise” I fail to do, maybe I wasn’t as invisible as I thought. It was a humbling feeling. It made me strive to do my best even more.

I thought I’d feel a slight discomfort for being at a raunchy-esque environment. I sat next to lubricants of different flavor, sex toys and vibrators were behind me, BDSM paraphernalia were just a meter or two away and various figures and body types showed acres of skin right in front my line of vision. I thought I’d feel crippled at the shocking scenery… but that night simply fueled me to be more confident with what I do… and with how I look and how I want to dress up. Everyone was having fun! No one judged anyone. No one was sexist. And definitely no one forced anyone to anything. The beauty of discovery, knowledge, open-mindedness and consent, no? Even from the point of view of just a vendor I witnessed a communal agreement of respecting one another. So, so simple.


The pleasant KK experience was doubled because of my companions. True that! I know I wouldn’t enjoy  KK so much if it weren’t for their presences, humor and support. Thanks, guuuuise!

So I thought I’d just sell my leatherwear… until I was informed to walk the runway with the models as the Designer who made the harnesses they used. I felt so shy! > ///o//<) But I know I already decided to properly embrace my leathery-kink side. If there’s anyone who should be proud of the harnesses, it should be the craftswoman herself. Instead of lowering my head and feeling shy, I should press on with chin up!


The evening ended with dinner with my favorite people, over chicken, burgers and laughs. We kidded around being devirginized because of Kink Karnival and it’s all fun and pleasant until you get your cherries popped with furry cuffs, spank boards and ropes. *laughs* Cue innuendooooes. Wait, wait. I shall behave~

Until the next kink, folks! I’m definitely going to attend the next and be my alter-ego self. *laughs*

Thank you for stopping by and buying from DSS! And thank your Kink Karnival for having my Dark~Sweet~Soul ^^


PS. My only regret last Saturday was the lack of event photos. Arrrgh. And that I forgot again to take photos of the customers who bought my stuff. Double aaargh.


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