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Outfits of Month: July & August ’16 + Life Update


OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post
and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month
here at Thingiemajingie.

Today’s post accumulates outfits from July to August.
Plus other shenanigans that are related to a favorite skincare brand and leatherwear.

Hi, September. Hiiii! ( ゚▽゚)/

Life lately has been a hustle, juggling day work and handling the two shops as actively as I could. At first I couldn’t do much output for it because resting after a whole day’s work sounds great a temptation. But now I find the spare time (and energy!) to at least start (and hopefully finish) a few pieces from DSS and ML every evening. October is just a month away and I know I should really take it up a notch to produce ~all~ the item I want to showcase and sell.

I should make a general list! That way at least I know where to focus on, like torso harnesses, thigh harnesses, headbands, collars, etc… And lotsa lotsa bags~

Still, whenever I could I’d go out to frolic and destress and wear my favorite thangs during weekends – leather, socks and all.

(It’s been over months and anticipating the release of FFXV on November hypes me like a fangirl to her upcoming Broship. And with the screening of Kingsglaive at the movies, I’m more than psyched that I went from sunny blonde to ash to profess my fangirling-kiligs towards the Prince of Lucis, his companions and the elite forces of the King. *laughs* Okay, I’m rambling. Stahp, Jiandra.)

Without further ado, onto the clothes!


  • Beige Knitted Top – thrift
  • Leather Shorts: Divided, H&M


  • Antique-gold Round Glasses: GU (from Japan)
  • Black Mary Janes Platform: WEGO (from Japan)
  • Hat: SM Accessories

Outfit Talk: I should buy more translucent tights and make it my staple wear as well. They make the legs look slimmer and goes great with platform shoes. And I think I was asked a couple of times already if I really sport those tattoos. It was pretty hilarious.


  • Beige Chiffon Shirt-Dress – thrift


  • Black Over-the-Knees Socks: (from a random stall at Farmers, Cubao)

Outfit Talk: the outfit during BLush Con! Not much to say except that it’s for the rainy weather since the overall top has lining and I like that a lot. Fancy-looking, I’d say, for a price that was less than P300.00.


  • Furry Jacket: Riverbanks Mall (AKA the Hiiiiiiiro jacket)


  • Leather Thigh Garter with Suspender Snap: handmade by me (Dark~Sweet~Soul)

Outfit Talk: I’m not a jacket person, nope. Reminds of the time my buddy Sharmaine who buys a lot of it and I barely own a decent and fitting one. So one time at Riverbanks, I saw this and thought, why the heck not? I suppose the jacket’s texture makes the overall look playful and childlike. Kind of like an idol-kei? *laughs* I just made that up. Pfft. Ahahaha~

Ironically, accessorizing is a weakness of mine. I’m not kidding.


  • Chiffon Floral Top – thrift
  • Maroon Jeans: (from a random stall at Farmers, Cubao)


  • White Chunky Heels: Parisian Shoes

Outfit Talk: Another factual statement — I’m not jeans person either. Perhaps leggings (or jeggings, I think it was the name?) are more preferred than this constraining contraption. I don’t wear pants much since I feel even shorter than I actually am. So with jeans like these, I really make it a point to wear heels with it.


  • Off-Shoulder Grid Top: Ripples By Jenny (Empire Fashion Cafe, Marikina)
  • Two-Length Skirt – thrift


  • Jack Union Creeper Shoes – thrift

Outfit Talk: I had this skirt last year and would only wear it during extra-festive circumstance. It’s very dressy with soft laces at the hemline and is flowy. Despite the tight pencil skirt, I opted wearing an equally flowy top with it. But maybe a tighter top would be fine as well.


  • Black Laced Skater Skirt: designed and sewn by me


  • Leather Harnesses (W/-Lace Type & Leather Type): handmade by me (Dark~Sweet~Soul)
  • Platform Shoes – thrift

Outfit Talk: aaah, this skirt. Puffy, puffy skirt indeed. I actually found myself at loss on how to pair this one with a nice top. What would go nice with it? I know I’m not much of a rainbow-wearer with the limited colors of I have in my closet so I just wore a corset with it.

…which kinda hides the black harnesses too. *sweatdrops* I’ve yet to decide one more time to coordinate this since this skirt (+ the harnesses) is what I plan on wearing on CosMania 2016 Day 2. Think, Jiandra. Think!

Oh, yeah. Here’s the actual skirt, before and after construction:



Both shared via Facebook. And let me reiterate that while it looks pleasant on the outside, wait till you the see the mess on the inside. *laaaughs!* Its puffiness is supported by an equally messy petticoat underneath.

As promised to my buddy Meia, before I can buy my serger machine I should sew 5 more pieces. Be it a full dress, JSK, top or just a simple skirt, I have to make 5 works as practice to my dressmaking attempts.

I-I shall do my best…!

I seriously feel like a Sooper Beaute junkie, purchasing 4 of their Lip and Cheek Tinte because one was on sale and others were… well, who couldn’t love (and buy!) its cosmic names? *squeals* I’m still on the road of using organic skin care, making the switch from using drugstore ones before. For a time between early June to mid-July this year I had another round of breakouts and woed about it. So I really focused on drying and treating my acnes.

Only until I deemed it okay that I finally share a few selfies again.

…with lipsticks..

..and singing!


And finally, finally~ I finally made it!

I’ve been meaning to craft harnesses with laces for more than a year. It was until my Muse Lei pointed out that I should really do something about it this time. I’ve procrastinated, thinking that perhaps it could wait…

…but I realized I couldn’t wait any longer since my love for thigh harnesses is doubling and if anything I wanted to wear my leather with laces pala. Leather is a very important element in my crafting profession and laces are somewhat just personal, fashionable taste. I then had a moment of clarity: WHY NOT BOTH TOGETHER FOR THE BUSINESS!?

Hence this harness was born… *laughs* Have I mentioned I’ve been listening to FFXV soundtrack on loop? I love Gratia Mundi as much as I love Omnis Lacrima. OMG I’M FANGIRLING AGAIN.

Within the same week I also made DSS her own IG account. Why so late, Jiandra? (^~^;)ゞ

If you’re following DSS on Facebook, follow the shop at IG too! I’ll  post creative and visually appealing stuff  over there. Like these two — the torso harness and its matching thigh garter with laces.

I couldn’t photograph the garter because of poor lighting huhuhuuu </3

There are really really lots to do on September so the next blog post will definitely be around October already. Oh, well. Life’s like that. *laughs*

Untitled-2 copy

See you at CosMania 2016!



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