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The BGM Reccomendation List

I’m no pro towards the technicality of sound production and engineering but there’s something about sounds that I’m more sensitive to it than the rest of my other senses. Music, melodies, tunes, songs — they play (get it, get it?) such vital roles in my life that I can never fathom not liking music as much as I do in this lifetime. They are part of my daily routines: whether I’m in the office or crafting, at home or elsewhere… or simply heading/leaving somewhere with my earbuds popped in and traversing. I need to listen to music. I listen to imagine and fantasize, to remember. I listen to evoke certain emotions I love feeling. I listen to calm my mood and feel like a character in my own storyline.

I listen to feel good.

I need to listen to music, specifically gaming music of instrumental/orchestral versions of it.

Well, surprise, surprise? *laughs*

Before my love for Anime or Manga (and what followed now are Japan-centric preferences, fashion and aesthetics) I was introduced into gaming as early as childhood. Me and my siblings played a lot. Fast forward to today, we still do (in various console platforms)! And I really really enjoyed reminiscing the feeling of certain nostalgic titles via listening to their background music. BGMs of the towns, dungeons, character songs, battles, opening and ending sequences — I paid close attention to these ones even before I realized that i did.

Gaming for me was rather interactive than watching Anime or reading Manga. It made me be a part of the journey the protagonist and their companions go through. Whether it’d be a pleasant, adventurous ride through the fields and visiting city after city, or discovering truths, learning and losing a lot along the way, for me gaming was a way to live another life, another reality. It made me want to have my own story to tell.

(Quite literally, if you – the player – do not progress with the game, the story does not progress at all.)

And now here I am, finally disclosing my love for gaming tracks (not a surprise to my family and friends since they pretty much victims of my incessant playing). I listen to it a lot more than mainstream English songs and more than half of playlist consists songs from Final Fantasy series and a few gaming titles (pluuuus Anime OSTs). Additionally I love me some orchestra instruments and I’m attracted to melodies which consists a lot of wind, percussion and string instruments. I didn’t even realize that I like those kinds of sounds until I discovered I was gleefully “picking out” and identifying instruments while I listen to said songs a few years back. “Oh, this one’s sounds like flute. Is that cello? Ah, that violin part sounds lovely.”

(I even go through discussions with my friends who listen to the same melodies. We had conversations like, “woah, did you hear the piano part?? PRETTY GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE!” and so on, so on.)

I have no talent in instrument-playing. Nope, zero, none. And I commend and appreciate those who can, and to composers who can arrange, create and produce music. Where we will be without you guys?

Without further ado and in no particular order here are recommended tracks I listen on regular basis. They can be work songs. They can be home songs. They can be the songs you listen to as you make your way around the city and have a little world of your own momentarily.

  1. Calming melodies from Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX.

2. Personal favorites from Distant Worlds.

3. Kingdom Hearts.

4. Tales of Xillia — something I’d listen to while I stare the night sky and the dawning horizon.

5. Upbeat tracks from Breath of Fire 3.

6. Parasite Eve — melodic ear candies! With a touch of opera too, heck yeaaah.

7. The upcoming and excitable Final Fantasy XV — MY FANGIRL HEART CANNOT TAKE IT AAAAH

How about you? Are there any particular game tracks you love to listen to a lot? Are there orchestral versions of your favorite songs from the series you like?

Share it with us here! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶


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