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DSS: Holiday Giveaway 2016

Finally! I have been meaning to come up with a mini-event for the shop as commemoration for the introduction and selling of my second favorite thing: thigh harnesses! It has become a tradition of mine to host December giveaways to show my gratitude to the folks who have supported my business and their patronages. 2016 for DSS has been so great! And I hope to continue crafting and creating more surprises for fetish pals like you and me in 2017. Tee hee~


How to join the Giveaway, please do read on~


Dark~Sweet~Soul Holiday Giveaway commences! What better way to enjoy Christmas and the upcoming 2017 with spunky leatherwear that you can win absolutely for free. This time the giveaway is open for both local and international participants!

Get a chance to score these popular accessories (choker, body harness, thigh harness, all handmade with leather and love!) with just three steps:

* Dark~Sweet~Soul’s Facebook and Instragram
* the original Giveaway posts on FB and IG.

* on your FB Timeline or Instagram Feed, set in PUBLIC so the shop can see!

* the shop (on FB or IG) and two of your fetish-loving pals on the original post OR at your shared post.

OPTIONAL: let DSS know where, when or how you’d wear these accessories if you win them! Unique, Creative and Interesting entries would have their statement (and their names) shared on the page. This is to let you know that DSS taps/digs/spazzes over your style!

The Giveaway duration will be on December 08 until December 29, 2016. Only one (1) winner will be picked using an online random raffle draw on the 30th. The winner shall be notified through Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Message. Claiming of prizes is scheduled on the second week of January 2017. If the winner is not a Philippine-resident, the prizes will be shipped.

Curious? The following prizes and their details are stated below, along with my personal musing and ramblings. The quest in crafting these three were without listening to You Only Live Once (from Yuri!! On Ice) and Simple and Clean ~Ray of Hope Mix~ (from Kingdom Heart 2.8) on loop.

And, oh, in between were rounds of playing Final Fantasy XV too.

  1. Body Harness: Spiked Brassiere Leather Harness


I deviated from the first designs of Brassiere Harnesses and made a simple base as foundation. And then I peppered it generously with lotsa spikes. *laughs* I aimed for making a harness that goes great with its paired collar while having the option to wear the two separately (hence the idea of the Giveaway).

Inspiration came from the body cages I saw from other resources and almost went for the full-on pastel goth torso harness with fabric roses and spikes. Still I figured that not all are for roses or pastel goth (the baby doll-cute yet don’t-mess-with-me look.) And I’m still in the middle of establishing some sort of eye for mature and yet subtle sexiness with aesthetics designs and accessories.

Worn over any tops – be it collared shirts, tank tops, dress shirts and many others – this harness is an immediate eye-catching accessory fit for those who love the bondage look and are proud of it.

Other details:

  • Lock Type: Buckle Locks (adjustable)
  • Chest Size: 31″ to 37″
  • Fit for the following Body Frames: for S, M and semi-M
  • Actual Product Price: PHP 999.00

2. Choker: Spiked Heartring Collar


This accessory has become a staple item and has garnered a lot of attention for its cute heartring element. According to my customers – as stated by the previous and even new ones – this kind of collar is something they’d wear even on a daily basis. For the subtle rebellion look, this choker can be styled with any simple tops or dresses.

To maintain cohesiveness with the other two prizes, I have added artificial spikes on the straps.

Other details:

  • Length: 15″ (adjustable to 11″)
  • Lock Type: Buckle Locks
  • Leather width size: 1/2″
  • Actual Product Price: PHP 349.00

3. Thigh Harness: Spiked Two-Tier O-ring Thigh Harness


Two-tier designs are my absolute favorite. Although it takes up a lot of configuring as to where the straps should go or how secure the rivets should be, two-tier harnesses end up enhancing the idea of Zettai Ryouiki even more (double the fuuun). I have no complains at all!

Worn over and around the thighs, partnered with shorts or skirts, and with or without socks and tights, thigh harnesses have grown steadfastly and has continued getting popularity among fetish folks. (I KENAT BE STOPPPPED)

This was the last prize I crafted after finishing the two. I almost decided on replacing the O-ring with a heartring but I personally think the O-ring would serve better in terms of design placements. And that adding artificial spikes onto the second strap would go together with the “spikyness” of the set.

Other details:

  • Length (when laid flat): 10″
  • Lock Type: Black 3/4″ Garters with Metal Adjuster
  • Fit for the following Body Frames: for Semi-S, M, L, XL, XXL and semi-XXXL
  • Product Price: PHP 439.00

Thigh harnesses look like this when worn:

The shop’s fashionable kinkwear/fetishwear continues on. *laughs* While I was able to join two events this 2016 showcasing my works (Kink Karnival and Cosplay Mania 2016) I aim for 2017 to join three or four more. And watch amusely vanilla people’s reactions. I hope you join my Giveaway~

Let’s do thiiiis. *shakes fiiist*

Much love and leather,


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