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Outfits of Month: October to December ’16


OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post
and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month
here at Thingiemajingie.

Today’s post accumulates outfits from October until December.

Merry Christmas, folks~! How has the holiday been treating y’all?

I did promise myself to at least post one more outfit thang before I round up all my adventures for this year. Let me tell you: it feels like a whirlwind, from thinking how to spend the summer around January, anticipating events in the middle of the second and third quarters. And then suddenly it’s December and that my really good banana buddy – Lanipot – just got married!

When you are made aware with the concept of Time, things get slower. How a day drags on and on. Matagal pa ang 2017! And before you realized it, it will be yet another New Year in the next two days. Irony is such a tease.

There are days when I feel like I’m in a loop of duties and tasks and that I wake up just repeating the same day, in the 24 hours-course of consciousness and sleep. There’s that feeling, yes. And then there’s taking a break (for a day!), being able to do what tickles and delight my heart: dressing up and gaming!

So let’s get into what seems to be associative and preferential to my interest and taste. I still like a lot of different stuff, like kawaii and generally adorable thingies too! Don’t get me started on broship aaah.

Just that bondage aesthetics fits riiiight next with the naughty side of yours truly. No wonder I was born under the star sign of Gemini! *proud proud*

Now what is this rambling. Let’s get onto the clothes, Jiandra! Yes, yes.

Before that though! Allow me to express once more how I adore, love, persist, incorporate and propagate thigh harnesses because nothing says hnng sexy! than wearing a sleek strap over gorgeous, plump thighs. I may or may have truly a fetish. Who am I kidding? I DO!

Now, now. Carry on.


  • Black Collared Dress Top – thrift


  • Antique-gold Round Glasses: GU (from Japan)
  • Black Mary Janes Platform: WEGO (from Japan)
  • Torso Harness: handmade by me (Dark~Sweet~Soul)

Outfit Talk: I think this was ever the first time I publicly wore a torso harness that was not convention-related. T’was my Halloween coord too. My buddy Meia said the harness looked great and that I should try wearing it since all I did was just shoot my wares privately for… promotional reasons. So here I was.

The overall dress has pleats at one side and it is actually asymmetrical at the hemline. I only discovered that after the day ended. *laughs* This, and the many more economical ways of dressing up by buying from thrifts and ukays~


  • School Girl Two-way Dress – thrift


  • Heartring Thigh Harness: handmade by me (Dark~Sweet~Soul)

Outfit Talk: You can never go wrong pulling off the school gal look for streetwear. That is, if you are feeling pleasantly academic. Wore this one for the sake of shooting the harnesses for DSS’ IG feed.

My stash of heartrings gives me the liberty to be very creative and experimentative with thigh harnesses. I’m liking the different works and outcome so far! And two-tier styles (like the image below) are my absolute favorite. Tee hee!



  • Black Corset – thrift


  • Spiked Brassiere Harness: handmade by me (Dark~Sweet~Soul)
  • Heartring Collar: handmade by me (Dark~Sweet~Soul)

Outfit Talk: The 50 Shades look for our 50 Shade-themed Bachelorette Party! These pieces are for my personal use, crafted as prototypes for the giveaway I started early December. I didn’t get to actually wear them during the entire party hour(s) given that I was the photographer. ^^;; Oh, well. Oh, well.

The spikes are such eyecandies. While I do love the simplistic approach of leather straps there is also the charm of having equidistantly-placed spikes all over the harness. And at the collar too. My OC self was singing yaaay~ at the contrasting black and silver of it.

I have one more photo of this look shared over at DSS Page, with a leather skirt from H&M. Heh!


  • White Top – thrift
  • Leather Shorts: Divided, H&M


  • Black Shoes: WEGO (from Japan)
  • Scarf: DAISO

Outfit Hair Talk: IDK what to think about this ombre-ish hair anymore. *sweat drops* I’m still maintaining a longer length but I don’t know what to do with the color. I look back on my blonde tresses from early this year and go sentimental. But I’m sure as heck that maintaining bright colored hair is arrrgh af.

Letting it grow and grow and groan how it is too hot for the scorching summer.

Outfit Talk: Scarf day!


  • Grey Collared Dress Top – thrift


  • Starry Starry Torso Harness: hanmade by me (Dark~Sweet~Soul)

Outfit Talk: One Monday afternoon during a product shooting I finally tested this starry harness. Personally I’m still not satisfied with the structure, even if I already adjusted the overall length. What do I do with you aaargh.

And not only did I make a torso harness, I also did a prototype of a starry thigh harness. To which I’m also NOT satisfied with yet. S-so much to learn…!


  • Beige Lace Top – thrift
  • White Coat with Bow – thrift
  • Faux Leather Leggings: Divisoria


  • Beige Bowknot Wedge Shoes: LAZADA

Outfit Talk: Doing that fun Otome-slash-Otona-kei look, in total contrast with my typical shorts and socks. When I feel extra adventurous I go away from the usual leathery flair and slip into a mature feel. The collar is a gift and I’m totally digging the wrap-around style. Heh!

And that’s that for the month and for this year! I know I haven’t been as habitual in posting that supposed “attempt” of monthly sharing buuuuuut I’ll do my best this 2017 to deliver new looks and random ramblings. Be it Japanese-inspired streetwear, alternative wears and what I dubbed as kinkwear, let’s do another round of OOTMs!


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