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O’zine Fest Anime Figure Special 2016


or as I would like to add: The Waifu Photoshoot Edition.

Didn’t think I’d post figurines three days before the New Year now, did you? Me neither! But I needed a breather from the usual that I do. And some kind of re-immersion with the hobby I really like doing from time to time. I missed photography. I missed toy photography in particular! And I’m so pleased with these shots so I can’t help but upload them on the same day. Tee hee~


I don’t have a waifu myself but I sure would like to photoshoot males next. Or BJDs. Or autos maybe? *rubs chin*

Gear: Nikon D5200
Event: O’zine Fest Anime Figure Special 2016
Venue: SM Megamall, Philippines

Edited on: Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop CC

Why am I still awake at 1:40AM uugh


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