BL Mangas and Mangakas To Read


Here’s the pinky promise I made with my muse last month (and technically with myself, for eons ago): a recommendation list. A Boy’s Love recommendation list (awww yeah.) Tread carefully, oh curious first-timer (or not) one. Once you enter, there’s no going back from where the holy light shines upon.

We have cookies here though. Heh. Heh.

I’m no stranger to the wonderful literature and entertainment that is Boy’s Love (or to majority of fujoshis/fudanshis, Yaoi.)


Whether it is a subtle hint of two men’s beautiful broship (a fluff!) or both protagonists struggle to recognize, understand and accept how they feel (towards another of the same gender), it’s all fuzzy and warm (and passionate hnnngh) when risks are taken and true love prevails. Something about homosexuality feels genuine and sincere and the forbiddenness of it fuels the conflict, making it all the more beautiful when emotions are reciprocated and accepted.

There’s more into the reality of LGBTQ and it’s because of BL that I was more liberated towards the idea of same-sex relationships. Admittedly, sometimes, BL has set some sort of unrealistic standards and frustrating expectations of this and that. Despite that I still enjoy my quiet days of just reading through titles after titles of Yaoi.

Taking note of my really favorite ones, I make sure that once in a while I reread through it and be reminded of the nostalgia and feels it gave me the first time I immersed myself with it.

Puchitto Hajiketa

Heck yeah I love me some full-on homo-erotica, that much I admit. But stories with interesting themes, relateable and lovable characters are more impressionable. Well-thought out plot twists and turns are honestly edgy, meaningful and long lasting. Nothing beats a good read with a good plot, is what I lean on most.

(Because there exists otherwise, PWP: plot, what plot? *laughs*)

This is only my way of listing titles using the following criteria. By no means these are absolute since my taste can differ with another fan’s. If perhaps we share the same preferences then, oh gosh, let’s spazz together!

Where do I begin? I like me sooome:

  • Art Style – who doesn’t love wonderfully rendered illustrations of men? And the distinctness of the style that separates from the generic ones make it all the more memorable.
  • Story/Plot (covers the genre and theme too) – I really love a good plot. The kind of one that will get you hooked as it is either): a. familiar or b. something new. It works either way, piquing interest and hooking attention until the very end of the page.
  • Character Relationships and Dynamics GOD THIS.
  • Universe/Story Length – I’m a huge sucker for different universes created by different authors. How one segment stems to another, woven under the same threads but are independent in their own way. Lengthy stories dive into a lot of dramas and problems but those are the reasons why we love the characters more when we see them strive as the stories goes on. And that we get to see more of them too, unlike a short story of 3-5 chapters only.
  • Smut Levels – I won’t say this works just an incentive to the overall goodness of the title. I’ll face it anyway: having my favorite characters confirming/reassuring/expressing their feelings through their bodies IS AWYYYEAH. And them awkward first-times of kisses and touches makes me squirm and squeal like the maiden that I am. Physical contact is a must for genres of Love and Romance. And you know what’s even better: CREATIVELY DONE SCENES AAAAH.
Hyakujitsu no Bara

I’ll skip some usual BL titles — stories that have made into Animes and with soaring popularity among even the newest victims fans of the genre. I want to give honor to other great mangakas and their works THAT GAVE ME TEN THOUSAND FEELS ALL OVER.

Moreover I’ll also skip titles that are too dark, mindf*cking and tragic. I’m no good with BLs that are too heart-wrenching, too twisted with negativity, hate and rage… but, well, why not make a separate post on that, no? I’m a masochist that way.

All these links are directed to where I always read my BLs. For your convenience just hover at the title and enjoy~!


1. ZE by Shimizu Yuki


2. Love Mode | Lover’s Mode by Shimizu Yuki


3. Yondaime Ooyamoto Tatsuyuki by Scarlet Beriko


4. Puchitto Hajiketa by Kanda Neko

5. Koi Ni Are | Koi Nanka Shitakunai by Itsuki Kaname


6. Ameiro Paradox by Natsume Isaku


7. Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko by Honma Akira


8. Henshin Dekinai by Kousaka Tohru


9. Mother’s Spirit by Enzou


10. Itoshi no Nekokke by Kumota Haruko

Additional bonus titles too!

And here’s the list of authors/writers and illustrators to look forward to! They’ve been delivering quality titles and have made a lot of BLs and universes of their respective works. Imagine some of the characters doing crossovers or the story expands because of the other pairings? It tickles me to no end!

Ten Count

So when you finish the titles up there, the fun doesn’t stop when these 13 artists have more to plunge your fangirl (or fanboy) heart into. Enjoy!

  1. Scarlet BerikoJackass!! | Minori no Te
  2. Itsuki KanameMede Shireru Yoru no Junjou | Interval
  3. Takarai RihitoSeven Days | Hana no Mizo Shiru
  4. Natsume IsakuHeart no Kakurega | Sugar Code
  5. Sakuraga MeiWarui Series | Koi Ja Nai series | Shouwaru Ookami
  6. Shimizu YukiKachou Fuugetsu
  7. Moegi Yuu –  Katekyo!! | Koitomo
  8. Nekota YonezouHidoku Shinaide | Michiru Heya | Megane Cafe
  9. Sakyo AyaFukigen Kareshi no Saraikata | Hima na no de Hajimete Mimasu
  10. Kanda NekoKitto Kiss O Suru Toki | Harapeko Usagi
  11. Yamato NasePet Oshigotochuu | Mr. Convenience
  12. Takanaga HinakoBukiyou na Silent | Koisuru Boukun
  13. Mishima KazuhikoMiwaku no Ringo | Love Neko | Uchi no Tenshi ga Kemono Deshita

If this post happens to be your first encounter with BL I hope these titles and names would have you reading a manga or two. I may focus on the entertaining side of Boy’s Love but if anything the lessons and experiences are positively inspiring, taught and told vicariously.

Ah, love. Ah, Boy’s Love.


God bless Broship and Bromance!


5 thoughts on “BL Mangas and Mangakas To Read

  1. I love lists from people I follow because I can trust theeeeeem. And I’ve already inhaled Love Mode (it’s magnificent), and so I started Mother’s Spirit because I just love pairings like this.

    Was not prepared for how funny it was. So funny.

    1. Love Mode is all sorts of beautiful and I cannot NOT reread it from time to time. It’s a real quality work. I’m glad the list is to your liking, Shinashiz!

    1. OOOOH! I’d love to check out Kamon Saeko. Will do, will do~ Thanks, Arria!

      And Scarlet Beriko had me hook the first time I read Yondaime Ooyamoto Tatsuyuki. Her way with the story and characters are quite uncommon, especially the trend that she kinda reverses the roles of the protagonists. I-thought-this guy-was-the-Seme-and-is-actually-the-Uke kind of set up. I love it!

      1. I know, right? I love Yondaime Ooyamoto, too, but I love the shorter Minori no Te more. Have you read it? It’s like the prequel to Yondaime with a different couple. So hot! Ahahaha! I know exactly what you mean. Having the, er, more feminish guy as t he seme instead of the uke is so refreshing. Thanks!

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