Harnessing the Alternative: Leatherwear & Outfit Ideas

And yes, Leatherwear is NOT bounded by the four corners of the bedroom!

You’d think sleek-smooth leather, hard chains and silver rings are all just for that naughty play couples do behind close doors? Or misfits rocking spiky and colored hair, pierces and tattoos who look like they’d wring you up for staring, clad in leather intimidating? Have you ever thought that leather accessories are maybe more than what the media tells you about? Did you know there’s a fashion genre called Alternative Fashion?

Curious? Well, you have come to the right place. *wiggles eyebrows*

Alternative fashion is fashion that, at least at one time, stood apart from mainstream commercial fashion. Alternative fashion includes the fashions of specific subcultures such as emo, scene, Goth subculture, Hip hop, Heavy metal fashion, industrial and Cyberpunk,[1] however it is not limited to these. In general, alternative, or ‘alt’, fashion does not conform to widely popular style trends of the times that have widespread popularity. It may exhibit itself as a fringe style – extremely attention-grabbing and more artistic than practical – but it can also develop from anti-fashion sentiments that focus on simplistic utilitarian drives (e.g.: grunge fashion, which was largely based around comfort and availability).

— Wikipedia,

I’d unabashedly admit to loving the idea of Alternative Fashion even when I’m Philippine-based; living in a conservative country where staple jeans and shirts are the norm. Then there’s Japanese Street fashion like Gothic Punk, Visual Kei, Lolita, Ouji Kei, Otome Kei have always been my aesthetics and inspiration as well.

I realized at an early age that I didn’t want to dress like everyone else.

Hence, I dabbed (dab!) into crafting leather accessories and fondly label them kinkwear and fetishwear. Dark~Sweet~Soul has always been my avenue to making accessories that are unique in characteristics. I’ve always wanted to make wearables that are seemingly appropriate for “protagonists and antagonists.” And for gothic reeeeasons.

(Additionally, yes, late last year I finally embraced my inclination to fetishes. Because, why the hell not, right?)

While in the other spectrum of the leather business (I’m doing as a sideline), I enjoy a whole lot more doing what I actually do: making them. Being hand-sy. Calculative measurements and appealing designs. Flattering curves and accentuating assets. Going places to discover raw materials and resources. And spending hours to craft a piece, a pair, or a threesome of it!

The more I got into selling these creations and seeing them worn by people, the warmer it gets in my heart. It is the empowerment the drives me to design, craft and share: patrons and buyers who’d overtly express their interest to leatherwear make me squeal like a happy fangirl.

But not all interactions are lovely daisies and sweet roses; there are also interactions that are… judgey and condescending; a straight-on disgusted looks from passerbys that I could not miss even if I tried.

I’d brush off these prejudice remarks (and looks of disdain) and go on about doing my thang but I figured to do just one more push to introduce and educate the lot who are new to the alternative genre and/or boxing the idea that body cages and leather harnesses are merely “bedroom objects.” There’s more into Alternative Fashion, my little boys and girls. Let’s keep an open-mind~!  It’s high time to introduce you on how to wear leatherworks both as an everyday wear and even as statement item.

Because you think these leather accessories are merely sexual? Well, think again~

Disclaimer: these photos are from,, online news sources and other sources that are not mine.

Idea #1: Leather harnesses as worn by KPOP Idols and stars such as EXO, f(X) Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, etc.

Idea #2: Harnesses worn for fashion runway.

Idea #3: Harnesses as street fashion accessories in Tokyo.

Idea #4: The emergence of Pastel Goth and NU Goth (mostly from the West) also has leather key points and accessories.

…And lastly, of course, prevalent and popular designers/stores like Lovechild Boudoir (@lovechildbuduoir), Creepy Yeha (@creepyyeha) and Devil666ish (@devil666ish) take the Instagram by storm with their own leather harness and body cage creations.

Lovechild Budoir
Creepy Yeha

Believe me when I say that leather accessories are not just for what you’d initial think. Harnesses, Cages and Straps can be more as a fashion accessory and are definitely chic when done right. But who closes door at the idea that you can actually wear them during intimate encounters, eh? The possibilities are boundless (even more puns, aheh!).

Sooooo~ Do you dare to take the challenge to wear harnesses like your idols do? Pull off alternative looks and discover you’d look so damn good in it? Are you now familiar with other forms/looks of fashion that are not common?

Hide no more, my dear friend. You are not alone. Try leatherwear today!

(I thank my good banana buddies Chesca and Meia for helping me conjure this post (especially Che who compiled the photos!). Because ever since after last weekend’s event and experiencing that many reactions from those who are not familiar with this kind of alternative wear, a fashion compilation post is a must!)

Share down the comments other idols, bands, popular actor/actress or iconic and fashionable individuals who you know who wore and are wearing leather harnesses! I’d admit to belatedly discover KPOP group EXO wore them during their Growl-era. *laughs shyly*


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